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Attempts, Solicitation, and Conspiracy Case Results

Internal Reference #2007

Facts: On Saturday, December 16 at approximately 12:46 AM. Officer M was dispatched to a disturbance call at a strip club.

Upon arrival, Officer M met with the manager of the club who advised that the defendant whom was inside of the club earlier in the night, was causing a major disturbance at the valet area. The manager stated that the defendant as extremely intoxicated and was using vulgar language towards the customers and employees. The manager advised that the defendant was also very unsteady on his feet and was falling into customers.

When Officer M made contacted with the defendant, he appeared to be extremely intoxicated. The defendant told Officer M to go and “Fuck Yourself.” The defendant continuously used vulgar language towards Officer M and advised that he was not going to leave the property. The defendant whom was extremely unsteady on his feet, fell to the floor on two occasions. After approximately five minutes, the defendant appeared to calm down and advised that he would take a cab home. The manager advised the defendant that he would pay for the cab ride if he just left the property. When the defendant got into the taxicab, he started to verbally abuse the driver as well. While in the back seat of the cab, the defendant extended his middle finger and advised Deputy R and Officer m that he was going to “Fuck you up and beat your asses.”

The cab left the club and traveled north. The subject proceeded to jump out of the vehicle and run west across the street. Deputy R viewed the defendant jump out of the vehicle and run across the street. Deputy R stated that the defendant caused three vehicle’s to swerve in order to avoid colliding with him. Deputy R advised that he made contact with the defendant. Deputy R stated that the defendant against started to verbally abuse him. Deputy R advised that the defendant reached for heck area and grabbed his protective vest at the opening of his shirt, aggressively trying to pull him down towards the ground. When Deputy W and Officer M arrived, they observed Deputy R and the defendant wrestling on the floor. While attempting to place handcuffs on the defendant, he continuously kicked at the officers and attempted to pull away from them. On two occasions the defendant spit at the foot area of Deputy W and resident entering the patrol vehicle (requiring their assistance)

The defendant was transported to the jail for processing and then to the main jail. While at the first jail, the defendant was very uncooperative and refused to give his personal information. The defendant also stated that when he got out of jail, he was going to “kick our asses and have our jobs” While the defendant was escorted for transport to the main jail, the defendant resisted getting into the vehicle and willfully and intentionally spat directly into Officer M’s face.


  1. Corrupt by Threat Public Servant (838.021-3b)
  2. Obstruct with Violence (843.01)
  3. Disorderly Conduct (877.03(1))
  4. Battery LEO (784.07)


  1. Corrupt by Threat Public Servant (838.021-3b) - Dismissed
  2. Obstruct with Violence (843.01) - Dismissed
  3. Disorderly Conduct (877.03(1)) - Dismissed
  4. Battery LEO (784.07) – Adjudication Withheld, 12 months probation, Changed to Administrative probation

No Prison, No Jail, No Conviction

Internal Reference #7007

Facts: At approximately 0553 hours, 11/21, Officer S was dispatched to C concourse in terminal 1, regarding a prohibited item. Upon Officer S’s arrival, He was met by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lead D, who pointed to a white male sitting in the checkpoint area and advised him that he had just come through lane 4 in the checkpoint with “knuckles” in his carryon bag. The term “knuckles” is used to refer to an item that closely resembles the item commonly known as “brass knuckles” The TSA lead gave Officer S the item. It was made of metal, black in color and shaped like brass knuckles.

The defendant was identified via driver’s license as the defendant. Officer S ran a warrants check and criminal history on the defendant and then began interviewing him. Officer S asked him about the item and he said that he purchased it and was using it as a belt buckle.

A warrants check and criminal history was run on the defendant. The defendant has a past history for Trespassing. There were no active warrants for the defendant.

The defendant was consequently arrested for bringing “knuckles” in to the checkpoint, as the item is classified as a weapon, and charged with County Ordiance2-39(e)(1)- Weapons Violation. The item was confiscated as evidence and the defendant was issued a Notice to Appear. The item was placed in to evidence.

A photo of the item was taken and is attached to the report.

A witness statement was obtained from a TSA Screener, who found the item while x-raying the defendant’s carryon bag.

Charges: Airport Security Violation

Result: Airport Security Violation – Dismissed.

All Charges Dismissed

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