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I have watch a video on Youtube regarding trespassing. Surely was helpfull and I decide to give him a call.He told me case was to old.But He was attentive and courteous on the phone to answer my question. If I never needed an Attorney I will give him a try. Thanks so much Mr.Foley.
★★★★★ Brenda Santos
I had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Foley today. First, I had a question about a 20 year old charge. Mr. Foley not only answered my questions but went above and beyond to make sure I had clarity. Second, the level of compassion that he displayed was immeasurable. He had so much patience because there were a lot of things I did not know. Last, I got off the call with Mr. Foley informed and confident about the next steps I should take going forward. Overall, I would recommend calling and enlisting the services of Mr. Foley for any type of criminal defense thats needed because he is compassionate, patient and will leave you with your dignity. This is a real review I was not paid or anything. His YouTube videos are very informative as well.
★★★★★ Compassion 101
Thank you for all you do
★★★★★ B Ruiz
As a client of The Law Offices of R.P Foley; I can honestly say that Attorney Foley is a hardworking, committed man whom truly cares about the individual. Attorney Foley is thorough in his work and fights hard to represent his client to his fullest capacity. A real legal representation, not just a guy in it for the money!
★★★★★ Andrew Johnson Jr.
Mr. Foley is very thorough and takes the time to explain procedures and what to expect when seeking to have a ticket dismissed or plead down to something that's easier to digest and deal with. He understands the law and is generous with his time. The peace of mind we've had throughout this process has been worth every penny.
★★★★★ Scott Bunkin
This is the first time I would hire this lawyer (Roger P. Foley) with my eyes close. Why can other lawyers be like him honest and strait forward. But he doesn’t work in Nebraska where the GIPD is trying to destroy my career. It is so difficult to find a lawyer like him in another state so if you live in Florida, he is your best choice!!!
★★★★★ Raul Bascope
I chose attorney Roger Foley from his past reviews when I needed help. Something in those reviews told me that he could be trusted and I needed someone kind. Roger has proven that he is both of those things. He does not make his clients promises to lead them to false hope - he tells them like it is and most importantly, he works tirelessly for each of his clients. At the end of the case, the prosecutor even mentioned how hard he worked for me and how fortunate I was to have chosen him. Being in any type of legal battle is grueling on the mind and spirit, but Roger Foley is a top notch attorney to fight for you the entire way.
★★★★★ Kathy Knight
Hired Roger P. Foley to represent me on a Misdemeanor Trespass charge i received while on vacation in Miami. I am from California so he filed in for me in absentia from court, I did not have to fly back out to Miami for court, Reassured me through out the whole process that he was going to do his absolute best and we definitely had positive outcome. He managed to get the charges dropped, no fines, no jail time no nothing. I was so relieved. His reviews were right and I am definitely so glad i hired him. Thanks again Mr. Foley.
★★★★★ Saul Zelaya
Great Attorney! Knows how stuff and not afraid to talk to clients! He will take care of you!
★★★★★ Joseph Truscello
I’m so happy I found Roger. He took my case which I thought was going to be extremely difficult and made it a painless experience for me. He was extremely professional, and went the extra mile to be sure things went according to plan. He explained everything in great detail and didn’t sell me false hope. He’s an honest guy and that really stood out to me. Thank you so much Roger. You have no idea what this means to me.
★★★★★ Brandon Moten
Roger Foley was a beacon of hope to me at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed high on impossible. Not only was he able to defend me, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those who care about me as I do them. Roger Foley took a chance on me, he was very forth coming with me and I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable especially trustworthy and the list goes on, I kept having the look of sadness & defeat and he would say to me (Why the sad face every time u come into my office, I would say because I’m scared and he would say to me, ohhh come on now with a grin cheer up don’t let it defeat you and to always keep a positive attitude for myself, my daughter and those around me) and he would remind me every chance he gets by picking up the phone just to check in and by meeting, although I got the outcome I wanted that alone gave me hope even if I didn’t get the out come because he never steer me wrong, and he never gave up on me. I’m so Internally grateful for everything he has done for me.

Thank you so much Mr Foley, you have given me the opportunity to put my life back together and the chance to be with my daughter by not giving up on your clients.

I would highly recommend Roger to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from Roger Foley again. He is by far HANDS DOWN THE 🙌🏾BEST👍🏾😀😃
★★★★★ Nicole St.Croix
Rodger P Foley has helped my family and I for many years! He has always treated my family like his family, and helped us numerous times with the outcome always in our favor. He's a beast in the court room. If your ever in a sticky situation and need someones help rodger is your guy.
★★★★★ Rizvan Awan
Mr. Foley took care of my problem, with minimal hassle and expense. Highly recommend him for your legal issues. Thanks again, Roger!
★★★★★ Frank D.
I Must say! Roger is on point when it comes to This law thing I have to say that he was professional knowledgeable overall great. Thank you Roger for helping me with my situation and putting my mind at ease thank you again Don from Jacksonville.
★★★★★ John Coe
I was looking online for a good Lawyer and I came across with Roger P. Foley who handled my son’s situation with care and concern obtaining results that exceeded my expectations. Mr. Foley is an excellent attorney, extremely knowledgeable, honest, professional and compassionate who really cares about you as a person. Words cannot express my gratitude. I would highly recommend Mr Foley to anyone.
★★★★★ Y Shields
Real straight up guy. Thank you for the consultation.
★★★★★ Halisha Talmadge
I called Mr. Foely out of the blue one morning, and he took his time and offered me great legal advice on how I should go about my case. Thank you for your time! You are my go to lawyer from now on!
★★★★★ Doncel TV
My case was particularly difficult and with sever consequences. Finding a lawyer was a difficult prospect as I live abroad. I contacted Roger prior to an arrest warrant being issued and he was able to put together an argument that convinced the detective to drop the case. Roger saved my life! I find it difficult to express just how much this means to me. If it had not been for Roger and his tireless efforts, my life would have been torn upside-down. To say that I recommend Roger to be your attorney would be an understatement. Rest assured that, if you decide to hire Roger, you will have correctly made one of the most important decisions of your life!
★★★★★ Scott Purcell
Great professional work great person worked with me and helped me get thru my case as fast and professional as can be. Would refer to anyone in need.
★★★★★ Kyle Oliver
Mr. Foley was very professional, communicative, and got my case dismissed quickly. I highly recommend him.
★★★★★ Richard Capitaine
Attorney Roger P. Foley was beyond helpful for my case. He helped me step by step and was considerate about the predicament I was placed in. I am out of state and he handled the case fully while keeping me informed at all times. He is professional and to the point and is true to his word. Great lawyer and a great person.
★★★★★ Sabrina Antunes
Upon calling and speaking to Mr. Foley all I can say is he is upmost knowledgable, friendly, courteous, funny, smart, and on point. I wish i could give him a 10 star review. He most definitely deserves it.
★★★★★ Nova Smith
I spoke with a few attorney's before retaining Roger and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I landed on him because he was very upfront and honest, no b.s. After all was said and done, he was able to achieve exactly what I was hoping for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.
★★★★★ James Walters
Roger Foley is a great attorney! He is very responsive (even on a Saturday), professional, and compassionate. I was thrilled to get the best outcome possible (case dismissal) and I am grateful we chose him to represent me.
★★★★★ Nancy Laroche
Attorney Roger P. Foley was referred to us by a bondsman and selected after reviewing and speaking to several different attorneys. He was honest and fair in pricing and had my case resolved before it was even filed. He was a true blessing in an extremely difficult time, a good and decent man you can trust!
★★★★★ Jose Florio
Thank you so much for your advice. U are a very Honest person.
★★★★★ Leo Dlva
Mr Foley was honest and up front , got the job done to my satisfaction, i would recommend him to anyone who is going to court.
★★★★★ Justin Rittenhouse
Roger is one of a kind. I'm very fortunate to cross paths with this gentleman (although the conditions are unfortunate)...he gives it to you straight and he goes the extra mile. Hats off to Roger P Foley, blessings.
★★★★★ William Hurst
Roger was fantastic! Very pleasant working with his office!
★★★★★ Jason Rivas
Mr.foley was professional and swift with his actions. Seems to be very well connected in the court system which results in great outcomes for his clients. Very highly recommended!!!
★★★★★ Anthony Rodriguez
I had a remarkable experience in speaking with Mr. Foley! He was not only very honest with me but appeared to be genuinely interested in my situation. After having called several other Attorneys - there was no comparison! Not only highly professional and obviously knowledgeable - but a real human being as well! Again, thank you, Dr. Gulay Guner.
★★★★★ Gulay Guner
Thank you Attorney Foley for your expertise. Really appreciate the time and effort you put in to get my case dismissed....people dont right reviews just for promotion only but bc your services were very truthful,helpful and compassionate...but most importantly being in a situation where you are scared and stressed by not knowing what will happen with a given violation I am so glad I found you to help me get through this situation.

If anyone is need of representation involving a legal matter... Roger P Foley is the one. Call now!
★★★★★ Qefsere Pulatani
Roger P. Foley was recommended to me by a friend for doing a great job with his criminal case. Upon meeting Foley myself I saw that he is a very kind, and professional lawyer. His warm personality combined with great sense of humor was exactly the type of lawyer I needed to calm my nerves and get on the right path to be on track again. He is family oriented and living locally in Palm Beach, he was the perfect fit to trust and feel comfortable and confident with as our choice. My case was a criminal case for a felony charge. The steps of action, were clearly told to me by Foley for what needed to be done by him to get the case resolved. Foley was capable of doing everything we hoped for with no false promises. From my start of hiring, to finishing the case took an astonishingly short 4 weeks. He kept great communication and my case was taken from Felony to misdemeanor to misdemeanor diversion and dropped. Hiring Roger Foley was absolutely they key step in resolving the issue in the quickest time and manner I could had hoped for.
★★★★★ Angelina Mandolfo
First I’d like to say mr. Foley is great at what he does I have used Roger multiple times and I have been 100% satisfied in all the Cases that he’s handled I highly recommend him.
★★★★★ Salvatore Miele
Exceptional work, kept me updated with my case ensuring that my best interest is in mind. Awesome service. Definitely recommend that you contact this guy when you need legal assistance.
★★★★★ Noni Graham
All I can say is he is the Michael Jordan of taking care of you. And I need it for Michael Jordan. I live in North Carolina and when my first attorney failed me , Roger Foley did not , Didn’t sugarcoated , He just told me what to expect, he’s the best lawyer I know. He did the most amazing job for me and for my family. I cannot thank him enough. All I can say is thank you Roger Foley and Bless you and yours.
★★★★★ Frankie Westwood
Was very fortunate to have found Mr Foley, gave him a call and he answered directly, I explained to him my situation and expreesed my worries; he really took the time to listen and put me at ease. Was honest about what might be the possible outcome, he worked hard for me and got the results I needed! Great reasonable price for his services! We need more attorneys like Roger!
★★★★★ Alberto Gonzalez
Roger Foley was amazing and very informative! Got into an unfortunate circumstance while out of town in Florida and contacted Roger to handle. He took care of it all and got my boyfriend’s case dismissed before it was even filed within two weeks! So thankful and highly recommend.
★★★★★ GBR 19
Mr. Foley has got to be one of the best attorneys I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I live in Texas and one of the hardest things to do is find one to talk with you let alone represent you even if they must do a little work. This is all about a money thing and not about assisting you to right a wrong that often comes from the police and the justice system we as citizens of the country have no choice but to support. I received some very sound, honest and sincere advice from the Law Office of Roger P. Foley. If you have some questions or concerns do yourself a favor and contact Mr. Foley first, He truly wants to help.

Thank you for your time.
★★★★★ S. A.
Roger Foley is A+. He handled my situation with care and concern and made sure that all my questions were answered. As soon as I met him I felt a sense of relief. He is very thorough and walks you through all scenarios, no sugarcoating, very direct. He gets the job done for his clients. I would recommend Roger to anyone.
★★★★★ Mike Schnorr
Roger is the most genuine lawyer i have ever had the pleasure of dealing with, I had a VOP and emailed him about my case which I was stressing out about as my probation officer had just called me saying there would be a warrant for me out. He took the time to step away from his family at 10 o clock at night to put my mind at ease and discuss my options. I had a trip planned that the VOP would have absolutely ruined. Roger did everything in his power to negotiate my punishment and in an honest and caring way. He will fight your case how you want and give you the advice from his experience. Overall he is the most down to earth, honest & caring lawyer you will find in Palm Beach.

Anyways — Roger! Greetings from Bangkok, Nicole and I are loving it and settling in nicely. Couldn’t have done it without you man. Many, many, many thanks!
★★★★★ James
Wow!! Absolutely amazing!! This is definitely who you want on your side fighting for your rights. Hands down the most competent attorney I've delt with and I've hired dozens in the past. I wouldnt the take the chance with anyone else!! The one and only call that you will have make.
★★★★★ Ken O.
I contacted Mr. Foley about a complaint made on me out of state. Roger took the time to listen and then actually gave me step by step instruction on how to respond and suggested that I utilize an attorney from that state if I wanted a professional response. Excellent advise and all the time knowing he was not going to have me as his client.
★★★★★ Michael McMahon
Roger was knowledgeable, professional and responsive in achieving the best outcome for my situation.
★★★★★ T. Girardi
Mr. Foley is one hell of a Lawyer, he did so much for our family. We are indebted to him for the job he did. For that I will never forget what he did!

If you want a Lawyer who will fight for your rights then pick Mr. Foley. I'm glad we did!!!

★★★★★ Naoko Garcia
A lawyer who personally picked up the phone. He gave us great advice on how to solve our problem.
★★★★★ Noels Inspections
Roger is a kind, honest and brilliant lawyer. My Florida case was a drug charge in which I was looking at over minimum mandatory 15 years. Matters worse, I never showed up to court for 25 years, I was looking at more. Mr. Foley ensured that I only did 10 months, and thats incredible!

He is the best.
★★★★★ Arcy Valencia
Roger Foley exemplifies true professionalism. His knowledge, determination, and confidence helped me out greatly with a stressful situation. He is a straight-shooter, and does not mince words. He takes the time to put you at ease and explain very carefully every detail of your situation, and how he can best help you. I'd have him in my corner anytime I'd need legal representation.
★★★★★ Stephen McKee
Roger Foley is an extraordinary criminal defense attorney as well as a caring human being. Since I do not reside in the area I utilized AVCO ratings and interviewed several attorneys . Roger exuded confidence and laid out a plan of action with probable outcomes for a dear friend who had committed two felonies. He listened with compassion and understanding and assured me that i could contact him personally at any time.. Roger kept me closely informed throughout the process speaking not only as our attorney but as a consoling friend. The out come exceeded all expectations. Through Roger's expertise and in depth relationships in the court system, and a court mandated psychological assessment the felony charges were reduced to misdemeanors. Retaining Roger will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
★★★★★ Emory Lanier
My name is Alicia and Foley is amazing for 1 he knows exactly what he is doing! This is a person that knows there job! I got in a bit of a mess and Foley wasn’t even working on that day but still came out of his way to help me! And got my case dismissed as well! I couldn’t tell you how happy I was that he helped me because I couldn’t of did time for something I didn’t do! I’m really thankful for him!! Honestly
★★★★★ Alii Shizzel
I am a client of Mr. Roger P. Foley. He handled my misdemeanor case for me. From the moment I met him, He made me feel at ease and comfortable. He never judged me! He said we all make mistakes. I knew at that moment, I chose the right Attorney to handle my case. He was kind, compassionate, and extremely professional.He had my case dismissed within 6 weeks.I will forever be grateful to him. I would highly recommend Mr Foley to anyone.
★★★★★ Lori Smith
I contacted Mr Foley from reviews online. He was not a let down! Always professional, great personality and very down to earth. He was able to settle everything with very little interruption to my daily life and the outcome was more than I expected! Ever in need of great representation? Mr. Mike Foley, Esq is your man!!!!
★★★★★ Nelson Hernandez
I live in Texas, and it was extremely relaxing having someone like Roger fight for my behalf when I couldn’t even appear in court! Great prices and hard work got my case dismissed!
★★★★★ Colby Spencer
I was very fortunate to have come across Mr. Foley. I had never been convicted of a crime in my life . I had tried to live my life like a good american with integrity and character.

But I found myself on the wrong side of the law for something I was falsely accused of. I had no idea what to do. I never had a need for a lawyer so I never talked to one.

Then luckily found Mr Foley . Scrapped up enough money to get rid of my last lawyer and hire him. I wish I knew of him when the case started. He had my case disposed of in 5 days . Always answered my calls. Spoke honestly and with intergrity and without the condescending lawyer attitude. I really appreciated him ! So do yourself a favor, pay his fee and if lawyer can help you, it will be him. Thank you Mr Foley.
★★★★★ Feo Gabriel
I visited Mr.Foley talk about my charges and he was honest with the outlook of the case. He kept his word... Had the case dismiss... Happy with the service...
★★★★★ Ethan Hopkins
Mr. Foley is a great attorney and great guy in general! I'm not even from South Florida so he stood no chance of making any money from my case but still, he took the time to talk with me and give advise. He was very helpful and answered my questions thoroughly. If I ever need an attorney in South Florida he is definitely the man I would hire. Thanks again Mr. Foley, I truly appreciate your help!
★★★★★ Donald Robinson
Roger P Foley represented me at a time that I was facing serious criminal charges. Him and his staff made me feel comfortable while I was going thru this terrible time in my life facing 7 yrs....I couldnt have been more satisfied with the results after the case was over. I highly recommend him to anyone facing serious charges or any type of criminal charges at that. I couldnt have made a better decision and now Im ready to move on from this and enjoy the rest of my life. Thks Roger.
★★★★★ Nosaj
Mr. Foley was concise and made the process so easy. He is very helpful and prompt, there when you need him. I am so glad I went through him, highly recommend!!
★★★★★ Lisa Nguyen
This attorney is one of the most thorough and hard working guys I've came across in a very very long time. He is certainly not the cheapest lawyer you'll find but his prices are very reasonable given his work ethics and strong legal background. Many lawyers refuse to answer calls after a certain hour but Mr. Foley took my calls even at 9 PM when I really needed to speak with someone regarding a legal matter that would've kept me up all night. Great man.
★★★★★ Investing Plus
Met the man himself; and I can say the results he gave me during court were exactly what I wanted ! I’d give him more stars if they had more! But thanks again check em out!
★★★★★ Gezo G.
This man is going to save me. He is the most real person to talk to and will give it to you straight. He was to far to help my case and luckily he didn’t charge me for the 15 minute conversation we had to try and help my case. but if you can get this man, do so. He is intelligent and is the only person I’ve talked to that knows what they are doing. Thank you roger for your time. I appreciate all the information you have given me to help my case.
★★★★★ Niko Armijo
Attorney Foley thanks for your time and help.
★★★★★ Chandrika Pullen
Mr. Foley is a straight foward person, also a Top rank lawyer, professional, And very clear on his cases. Im very happy with my results, and would recommend him to anyone in need of justice👍
★★★★★ Tico Rodriguez
I highly reccomend Roger P. Foley. He represented and saw through to completion my case 4 years ago. He is an extremely knowledgeable and caring attorney who is generous with his time and energy.

I recently needed some documents from that case, and when I called him, not only did he personally answer my call, he remembered me and my case and immediately was able to send me the information I needed. He is truly dedicated to his profession, and if I could give him more than 5 stars, I would!
★★★★★ Stephanie Siravo
Roger is the lawyer you want on your side when the chips are down and you are playing for keeps. Roger walked my wife & I through the domestic violence charges that were against us. He was patient and straightforward, helping us understand our options and giving us clear expectations of what would happen. He checked in with us every week, and at the end of it was able to give us the great news that the charges were dropped. It was the best thing ever, and we will not hesitate to recommend Roger Foley as the lawyer to go to when you need a great one!
★★★★★ Mick B.
Mr. Roger Foley represented my son in a criminal case that could have put him in prison for up to fifteen years. Using his strong abilities to depose witnesses he was able to find holes in his case which caused the case to be nolle prosequi. I highly recommend Mr Foley as he really cares about his clients and works very hard for them. Thank you Mr Foley for giving my family peace.
★★★★★ Brenda Zakl
From Corey Adams- was working in Florida (from North Carolina) and did something stupid with a buddy involing a light bulb and some spray paint, ended up with a felony charge and no idea where to begin. I came across Roger Foley and couldn't have been more satisfied. He made himself available all hours and worked very hard to get us into a PTI program which upon completion the charges will be completely off of my record. He is very easy to talk to and is straight to the point. I couldn't have picked a better attorney to deal with the situation.
★★★★★ Jessica Dodson
Roger represented me for a first offense charge. It's a very daunting ordeal to process and I did not know where to start or what to do first. After finding Roger Foley, and reading all the positive reviews, I met with him and he detailed the process thereafter and what to expect; it was relieving to say the least. He is thorough, knowledgable and very prompt with communication responses. I would refer him to anyone in need of his area of expertise. Thank you Roger.
★★★★★ Simple GD.
Roger P Foley a hardworking man who will dedicate his time for you! Great person to talk to and is someone who I highly recommend.
★★★★★ Jason Mellum
Honestly Roger thank you so much you did amazing work very professional very experienced Roger knows what he’s doing I 100% recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer if I ever need anything again I will definitely be with Roger P. Foley.
★★★★★ Brad Ball
Back in May 2014 I hired Mr. Foley to expunge my juvenile record. I did as he asked in order to get my packet ready to submit to FDLE. Waited 7 months due to processing times at FDLE. Appeared in court with Mr Foley and got what I wanted expungement granted. My case was super easy but still Mr. Foley did me a solid and because of his work I was able to enroll in college and I graduate May 2018 looking to become a Nursing Home Administrator then a real estate investor that buys apartment buildings. Thank you Mr. Foley.
★★★★★ Paco Ruiz
Roger P. Foley helped me get some much needed answers that set my mind at ease. Instead of turning me away or asking for a fee he was able to answer some very simple questions. I wasn't able to get the answers elsewhere because of the situation.

Aside from the general fear of legal retribution, this has taken a toll on me emotionally. I was grateful to be able to speak freely and get some great advice from someone who has earned my respect. Thank you for caring about the general public. I only wish I had contacted you sooner.
★★★★★ Jamie Hofmann

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