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Hypoluxo, Florida Personal Injury And Car Accident Lawyers

If you are a resident of Hypoluxo or were injured in Hypoluxo, Florida as the result of another’s negligence, then “Call Me” Attorney Roger P. Foley.

Your consultation with Mr. Foley is always free. Some people that are injured in an accident know they have a potential claim or lawsuit and others are not so sure. Upon discussing the facts of the case with you, a distinguished lawyer will explain the process and the avenues for success. In personal injuries cases, the goal is to have a successful outcome, meaning you receive the maximum amount of money for your injuries. The money received correlates to the seriousness of the injury. If your injuries are severe, and there is liability on the defendant’s behalf and there is insurance coverage, then you have a great likelihood of receiving financial compensation.

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Compensation comes in from medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other factors. The manner of compensation depends on the extent of your injury.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents

Here are some of the most common types of injuries that a personal injury lawyer can help with.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (Car, Truck, Motorcycle)

Hypoluxo is a small town on the shore of Lakeworth, near Atlantis and Boynton Beach. Many visitors travel to the beach area of Hypoluxo. With more people there is a greater chance of automobile collisions. Many accidents result in minor injuries but some are very serious. If injured it's important that you contact a top rated Hypoluxo accident attorney to help you.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Hypoluxo guests and residents may be injured when on a commercial or residential property. Owners of land and business are required to keep their area safe for visitors. Most are well-maintained but occasionally a person slips and falls resulting in injury because the owner or business failed to maintain the property in a safe manner. Grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants often have wet, slippery or uneven walking areas that cause visitors to fall.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes negligence or reckless behavior results in the death of another person. The family of the deceased is overwhelmed with grief because they have lost a loved one. It is important that their voice be heard and that a skilled litigator and make sure the party responsible financially compensates the victims family.

The Law Office of Roger P. Foley represents Hypoluxo residents and visitors in many areas of personal injury. Here are some other accident areas where we may be able to help you. “Call Me” Roger P. Foley any time you have been injured in any type of accident or personal injury matter so that you know your options.

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Personal Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach Types Of Personal Injuries Suffered In Hypoluxo, Florida

Personal injuries come in various forms, most are physical but psychological trauma is also common. A Hypoluxo accident lawyer will review your injuries with you and your doctors and plan a course of legal action.

Common personal injuries include but are not limited to the following:

Tears, Sprains and Strains

Tears often occur to a muscle, ligament or tendons. These injuries are often painful. Those that are injured may not be able to bear weight or use the affected limb. A sprain refers to a ligament that is stretched or torn. A strain affects a tendon or muscle. These types of injuries occur in slip and fall cases but can occur in many types of accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Many people refer to it as TBI. This is a very serious injury. A victim of TBI is dramatically affected. They may need around the clock care as this is often a lifelong disability. Motorcycle, trucking and auto accidents often result in this serious condition. Slip and fall accidents can cause this injury as well.

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

These types of injuries often involve damage to the disk or vertebrate. These injuries are common in auto and trucking accidents. They can drastically affect one’s mobility. A back injury can cause the victim to be bed-ridden or need a wheelchair. These injuries are frustrating as they often take months or years to properly heal. However, some spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis or nerve damage and can be permanent.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries occur often in automobile accidents. This is largely due to the unexpected impact that jars the neck. Common neck injuries include whiplash, cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve) , neck sprain and strain, and cervical fractures (broken neck).

Broken Bones

Car, trucking, and motorcycle accidents often result in fractures. Motorcycle accidents often see clavicle fractures. Car and truck accidents may result in broken ribs or limbs. In slip and falls accidents it's common to see a fractured hip. Depending on the fracture, pain varies, some victims say they have little pain while others note high pain levels. Unfortunately, broken bones require months to heal and can prevent the injured person from working and performing daily activities.

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Personal Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach How to Choose a Hypoloxo Accident Lawyer?

With so many lawyers out there, choosing the right one can be difficult. Accordingly, it is important that you meet the attorney, ask questions and do a little research on the lawyer that will handle your case.

Learn more about Attorney Roger P. Foley

At the Law Office of Roger P. Foley you will speak directly with attorney RP Foley. He will be your point of contact throughout the case. Communication is important to him. He is committed to helping his clients.

All personal injury cases accepted by the firm are on a contingency basis. Therefore, you do not pay anything upfront. We only get paid if we are successful in your case. Don’t hesitate to call and speak directly with Attorney Roger P. Foley.

The resource links referenced below are provided by personal injury attorney, Roger P. Foley and his staff, to give you information about the Town of Hypoluxo and Palm Beach County. Being able to quickly access these city and county websites will give you a wealth of valuable information ranging from permits and licensing to local county and city ordinances, police information, and city news.

The Law Office of Roger P. Foley has represented clients throughout South Florida, including Hypoluxo and Palm Beach County. Check out our client reviews.

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Roger P. Foley got me reinstated. Also he got my COS waived, and got me to still be terminated off of probation on my expected termination date ... Jamar
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