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Obstruction of Justice Case Results

Internal Reference #1164

Facts: On May 22, the defendant was riding a bicycle w/o lights southbound when Detective C(driver) and Detective C(passenger) activated the emergency blue lights and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. As they exited the vehicle (Wearing black tee shirts/vest with yellow Sheriff lettering and logo) they identified themselves as officers at which the defendant fled westbound into oncoming traffic and continued between two closed business. The defendant then bailed off of his bicycle behind one of the stores and attempted to flee on foot when the detectives exited the vehicle. The defendant was ordered to the ground and took a fighting stance while clenching both fists. As the detectives attempted to take the defendant into custody, the defendant swung both arms violently in their direction and struck Detective C in the chest and neck area causing him to fall to the ground and injuring his left leg (cut/abrasion). The defendant continued to resist and tuck his right hand inside of his front waistband of his shorts. Once the defendant was on custody, the defendant refused to answer any questions and requested an attorney.


  1. Battery /on Officer or Firefighter
  2. Obstruction with Violence
  3. Obstruction with Violence
  4. Riding Bicycle W/O Lights


  1. Battery On Law Enforcement Officer – Adjudication Withheld, 2 years probation
  2. Obstruct Officer W/Violence - Dismissed
  3. Riding Bicycle W/O Lights - Dismissed

Internal Reference #6026

Facts: ∆ was passenger in cab. ∆ picked up by cab, once at destination requested, the cab operator requested payment for the services provided. ∆ advised he was going to the ATM to obtain currency. ∆ passed the bank and continued to walk away. Cab operator convinced ∆ to re-enter the cab.

Cab operator then observed a police unit. The operated pulled over and requested assistance. ∆ was asked to exit the cab and provide payment for the services rendered. He refused and stayed in the cab.

Officer then removed ∆ from the cab, at which point he tensed and braced his arms. He was re-directed to the ground where he was placed into handcuffs.


  1. Resisting/obstructing an officer without violence
  2. Petit Theft


  1. Resisting/obstructing an officer without violence (812.014(3)(A)) – adjudication withheld, pay restitution
  2. Petit Theft (843.02) – adjudication withheld, pay restitution

No jail and no prison time

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