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Parkland, Florida Criminal Lawyers

The history of the beautiful city of Parkland began with Bruce Barnett Blount, who was born in 1918 in Pompano, Florida (before the city adopted the name Pompano Beach). After Blount graduated college with a degree in animal husbandry, he served four years of military service during WWII. In 1956, he was elected mayor of the city of Pompano, and served as commissioner from 1957-1960. Blount and his wife inherited land in the north-west corner of Broward County from his parents and it was on that land that they raised animals, most notably horses and cattle. Blount had a vision to create a city on a portion of the land suitable for retirees who loved animals and nature. Blount then secured surveyors and civil engineers to plan the city on 360 acres, with an additional 60 acres in reserve for platting purposes.

Certain covenants were created that were attached to the land for agricultural and approved animal use. These plats of land were named the BBB Ranches. Blount sought the aid of Emerson Allsworth, the Florida House Representative, to have a city charter approved for the land. There was resistance to the charter because of the low population and because other ranch communities already existed in Florida. Mr. Allsworth, being savvy, changed the name of BBB Ranches to Parkland and the request for a charter was approved. The Parkland City Charter was signed by Florida Governor Farris Bryant on August 13, 1963. Blount became the founding Mayor of Parkland and established a city government. At that time, Parkland had 9 homes and 22 residents. Blount sought out gentleman farmers and their families to settle in Parkland and establish farms and ranches on a minimum of 2.5 acres.

Today Parkland is an affluent, medium-sized city with a population of 24,737 people. The city boasts some of the highest housing prices in Florida and the United States with an estimated median home value of approximately $873K. Most homes are owner occupied and this provides a great source of stability for the city. Parkland is a wonderful family-oriented community offering their children a formidable education in an excellent school district. The city has a large population of college-educated adults, with 59.43 % holding a four-year degree or graduate degree compared to the national average of 21.84 % for other cities and towns. This fact provides the perfect environment with which to instill excellent academic values in children. The community also provides family-oriented services, which promote a great environment for parents and children to develop good social skills and ties with other families.

Parkland’s workforce is 94 % white-collar professionals, managers, administrators, support, sales and office personnel. Many residents work from home in information-based businesses and operate self-employed home-based businesses. The annual median income per household is approximately $177,000.00.

Crime and Parkland – Have You Been Arrested in Parkland? Call Attorney Roger P. Foley Today

The city of Parkland has a crime index rate of 76, with a score of 100 considered the safest. It is safer than 76 % of all American cities. The highest crime is property crime, with 235 cases reported. Theft registers at 171, burglary is at 52, violent crime is at 20 and motor vehicle crime is at 12. The chances of becoming a victim of crime in Parkland is 1 in 1,237, compared to the State of Florida, which registers at 1 in 205.

Have you been charged with a property crime in the city of Parkland? If so, let the attorneys at The Law Offices of Roger P. Foley look over the details of your case and explain what is your best course of legal action. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Roger P. Foley are here to help you. We will discuss the facts of your case together and give you the defense options applicable to your circumstances. We will protect your rights and investigate all events and data regarding your case. Our lawyers will build a strong defense around you and fight to have all the charges dropped or at least minimized. Partner with a winning team and call us today at (561) 746-7076.

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