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Response to Negative Feedback - Man in the Mirror

Well, if I could give no stars, I would. This guy was recommended by the bailbondsman. I really believe that the bondsman must get some kind of a kickback from this referral. Anyway, I got the bum’s rush as soon as I got in trouble about how they were going to do all this stuff for me and what my options were. Guess what? As soon as they got my money they all but disappeared. All the deals they told me were available suddenly turned out to be non-existent. For $5000 they probably did about two hours of work. Not a bad hourly rate. I think all of these positive reviews here are done by his staff. At least this one is honest. Not sure most of his clientele even knows about citysearch. FAKE. FAKE. Go somewhere, anywhere, else. By WheelsonFire

First, I must preface my response with the fact that I have no idea who this alleged client is or if he is a client. If he is a client and had contacted me regarding this issue then I would have done my best to remedy the situation. It’s difficult to believe that a client wrote this review because:

  1. The work I do on every misdemeanor and felony case far exceeds 2 hours. The rare situation wherein I spent less than two hours on a case resulted in a dismissal.
  2. I don’t give a bum’s rush. I explain the legal process to my clients. No pressure sales of my service.
  3. I never discuss deals at an initial consultation because I do not take a case to plea-bargain it. I tell my clients if they are looking to plea bargain then they can do it themselves.
  4. I audio and video record every event that transpires in my office (work product) so any false statement can be easily verified if the supposed client waives privilege.
  5. The clients that have drafted reviews can all be contacted by responding to their review. My staff is not paid highly enough to write such positive things about me-just ask them.
  6. The individual writing the review did not identify him self; complain to our office or any other authority that would put us on notice of his problem and identity.

For the remainder of my response, I will assume the reviewer is or was a client. Having said that, I wish that every review could be positive. I will definitely continue to do my best and hope that clients will continue to write kind reviews in acknowledgment of my efforts. I am definitely not happy to receive my first negative review. I always give my clients everything I have and the fact that one believes that I failed in such a pursuit is difficult to hear or in this case read.

I could become angry and challenge this individual’s mental competence and affinity toward drugs. I could call CitySearch and request that this horrible review be removed. Instead, I view it as an opportunity to learn from a negative situation.

Learning is not always hearing how good you are in a given endeavor; specifically how great a criminal lawyer people believe I am. I have enjoyed reading reviews from my clients that say, I am a “ Pit-bull in the courtroom, or Superman, or the Best Criminal Lawyer in Florida.” I appreciate everyone that takes the time to write a review about my law firm. The reviews make me feel appreciated and often bring a smile to my face. They do not define me. In this particular case, this bad review caused me to pause and reflect. I am confident that I have done my best to date although the endeavor does not appear to be completed. I know I failed at something because this client is not happy with my current service but I am confident it had nothing to do with a legal defense or the effort put forth to provide one.

It is nice when people cheer you. Nobody feels good when others criticize him or her. Although I enjoy the good reviews and cringed when I read this one, I choose many years ago to be measured by a different standard. Yes. I consider both positive and negative feedback by others but mostly I aspire to be friends with the Man in the Mirror. The Man in the Mirror gives me an absolute objective and critical standard by which to proceed in my endeavors.

The Man in the Mirror Says

When you attain what you want in your struggle for gain and you’re made king for a day-Look in the mirror, into yourself and see what that man has to say. It isn’t your father, mother, or wife whose judgments, which you should fear, the one whose verdict counts most is the man staring back from the mirror. He is the one to satisfy before the rest and the only one up to the end. You’ll have passed the most difficult test if the man in the mirror is your friend. You may think you’re the one who got a great break, think you’re a wonderful guy, but the man in the mirror says you’re only a fake-if you can’t look him straight in the eye. You may fool the world down life’s path of years, get pats on the back and hear not a jeer…But your just rewards will be heartache and tears if you’ve cheated The Man in the Mirror.

Wheels on Fire nor any other individual will cause me to shift my approach with clients. I understand that not every individual will hate me nor will everyone love me. I can simply be honest with the Man in the Mirror.

My clients rely on my training, experience and passion to help resolve their case. I can explain the legal process and possible options of each client’s case and make recommendations. This is not a business of guarantees and every client has that explained to them at length when they enter my office. And if a client fails to be forthcoming with his attorney the likelihood of success quickly diminishes. The writer stated above in his review, some of “his options-disappeared.” Without knowing whom the reviewer is I can only proffer that if “his options disappeared” then its very likely that he failed to be truthful with me in regards to his case.

I work diligently on every criminal case. I cannot compare my results against other criminal lawyers (not because I am blind or stupid but because the Florida Bar prohibits comparing my abilities to other attorneys) but I am confidant that I give my best and that the results of Criminal cases handled by my office is strong. Remember, anyone can view the work/results of criminal lawyers by reviewing their cases at the clerk of court.

Kickbacks to bondsman is not something I have ever done. If I was recommended by a bondsman than that is great. I am assuming if they recommended me than they now my caliber of work.

Lastly, I have passion and I believe in my ability. I give my clients my best. ”Giving my best” is not a phrase I throw out there to make an argument. Giving my best to my clients is what I always do. I can say that with conviction because I live by the applause and critique of the man in the mirror and I will continue to let him guide me.

That is my response to unidentified individual who wrote a negative review about my legal services. Hopefully, this person will make them self known to me so their problem can be remedied.

I am, ROGER P. FOLEY. Who are you?

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