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Robbery Case Results

Internal Reference #1079

Defendant = Attorneys Client

Facts: On 11/20 at approximately 1818 hrs., the victim was exiting the Sawgrass lanes, when she was confronted by the defendant and a co-defendant. The victim advised she attempted to walk back into Sawgrass Lanes but was stopped by the defendant and the codefendant. The victim attempted to call for help on her cellular telephone but the defendant slapped the phone and purse out of her hand. The defendant and co-defendant then held the victim on the ground and began punching and kicking her. A witness hollered at the defendant and co-defendant to leave the victim alone. The defendant and co-defendant stopped attacking the victim and began to flee on foot. The victim observed the co-defendant pick up her purse and then dropped it and all the contents on the ground. The defendant and co-defendant then fled the scene in a green Saturn. The victim recovered her purse and the only thing missing was her cellular phone.

The defendant was located at her residence and was taken into custody. The defendant invoked her rights and was transported to Central Booking for processing.

The defendant was arrested and charged with Strong Armed Robbery (812.13-2c)

Results: Due to irreconcilable differences, Mr. Foley filed a motion to Withdraw from the case; which was granted.

Internal Reference #4009


  1. Robbery W/Deadly Weapon
  2. Robbery W/Deadly Weapon
  3. Burglary Conveyance Armed
  4. Dealing in Stolen Property
  5. False Ownership Info/Pawn Item

Process: Because the defendant had an excess of 44 sentencing points, Mr. Foley filed a motion for a Downward Departure. It was granted and the defendant received 5 years of probation. The defendant was sentenced as a youthful offender.

Result: The defendant received 5 years of probation. Special provisions of the probation were Evaluation/Treatment/Therapy if needed, Probation out of County/State


Internal Reference #9008

Charges: Strong Arm Robbery

Process: Mr. Foley contacted the state attorneys office and convinced them to not file formal charges.

Result: Strong Arm Robbery – No Information - Dismissed

All Charges Dismissed

Internal Reference #10008

Facts: On January 19 on or about 1800 hours at a location, the defendant did willingly and unlawfully attempt the taking of money from the custody of a bank with the intent to either temporally or permanently deprive the bank of the money.

To Wit; the defendant entered the bank and approached the teller and handed the teller a note stating “Give me everything you have”. At that point, another customer approached the teller and at that point the defendant fled in the bank and got into a car. A witness inside the bank ran outside and was able to ascertain five of the six characters of the tag. It was later confirmed of the tag number, which matches the vehicle the defendant got into. The vehicle was registered to another name.

On January 20, 2006 around 2330 hours, Officer H responded to a location for further investigation pertaining to this incident. As he was parked out front of the residence, a car matching the description pulled in front of the residence. It was occupied by two people, the defendant and another individual. Both of them voluntary came to the police department in regards to the incident.

Officer H spoke to the defendant. Before speaking to her, she was verbally advised of her Miranda Warnings and then she voluntarily signed the Miranda Rights form indicating that she understood her rights. Post Miranda, the defendant stated the following: she went to the bank and went inside and took a withdrawal slip and wrote “Give me all the money” on the slip. The defendant approached the teller and handed the note to the teller. The defendant stated the teller did not believe her at first and then appeared to become nervous when he realized that this was not a hoax. The defendant stated that she only wanted a couple of thousand dollars from the bank and not ten to twenty thousand dollars. The defendant became nervous and scared when another customer approached the same teller and left the bank. As the defendant was leaving the bank, she tore the note up and threw it away in the garbage can. The defendant then got into a car that belonged to her boyfriend (other individual) and fled the scene and returned to the residence. When the defendant got there she changed her clothes and her hair in attempt to disguise her appearance. The defendant then returned to the location where she put the clothes and hair. The defendant was wearing dark sunglasses during this incident and smashed the sunglasses and disposed of them after the incident. The clothing and hair the above defendant was wearing was recovered.

It should be noted that the bank employees who witnessed this incident provided sworn taped statements in regards to this incident.

The defendant was processed and transported to the main jail.

Charges: Attempted Robbery (Bank)

Result: Attempted Robbery (Bank) – Reduced to Grand Theft (3 rd Degree) – Adjudication Withheld, 2 years probation

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