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South Bay, Florida Personal Injury And Car Accident Lawyers

South Bay, Florida is a nice place to live. The weather is perfect and the beaches are just a short drive away. However, accidents can happen anywhere, even in South Bay. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, it's important to have a great personal injury lawyer on your side.

Attorney Roger P. Foley has been a lawyer since 2004. He has helped individuals residing in South Bay and the surrounding areas with their legal issues. Every client speaks directly with Attorney Foley. He believes that communication is a key ingredient to a successful practice. The more he knows and understands you and your situation the better he can advocate for you. If you are an injured victim and need legal assistance, he will be by your voice.

The Law Office Of Roger P. Foley represents individuals and their families in the following types of cases:

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The Amount of Time A Personal Injury Case Takes to Settle With The Insurance Company or Go To Trial Varies Greatly From Case To Case

If you've been injured in an accident, you may be wondering how to deal with the insurance companies and when you can expect your personal injury case to settle.

When you're dealing with an insurance company after an accident, it's important to remember that the insurance adjuster is not your friend. The adjuster's job is to settle your claim for as little money as possible. Even attorneys grow anxious dealing with some adjusters because they throw out such low offers.

Most insurance companies have a policy of not paying any personal injury claims until the victim has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). This means that the victim's injuries have healed as much as they're going to heal.

It can take weeks or even months to reach MMI, so don't expect your personal injury case to settle quickly. In fact, it's not uncommon for personal injury cases to take a year or more to settle. The reason being that serious injuries take time to heal or reach MMI. However, in some cases the insurance company will settle quickly because it's in their best interest.

The vast majority of personal injury cases settle before going to trial. In fact, studies have shown that only about 5% of all personal injury cases end up going to trial. This means that if you have a personal injury case, there's a good chance it will settle before it goes to court.

There are many reasons why personal injury cases settle. For one, it can be expensive and time-consuming to take a case to trial. Additionally, when a case goes to trial, there's always the risk that the jury will find in favor of the defendant.

In most cases, it makes more sense for both parties to simply agree to settle the case outside of court. For example, if the insurance company is offering the policy maximum, there is no advantage of going to court.

Sometimes, there are facts in dispute and the insurance company refuses to pay the claim and trial is necessary. If your case does go to trial, we will be ready to fight the battle. We will know every single aspect of your case and will present every piece of evidence to the jury. The goal is you being paid maximum compensation for your injuries, because Justice demands it.

If you've been injured in an accident, the Law Office of Roger P. Foley can help you. "Just Call Me" Attorney Roger P. Foley

The resource links referenced below are provided by Personal Injury attorney, Roger P. Foley and his staff, to give you information about the City of South Bay and Palm Beach County. Being able to quickly access these city and county websites will give you a wealth of valuable information ranging from permits and licensing to local county and city ordinances, police information, and city news.

As South Bay personal injury and car accident attorneys, we at the Law Offices of Roger P. Foley, P.A. use these sites to gather information that can be useful in our cases. Accordingly, we think it's important that citizens have easy access to this information. Take a look and be informed.

Combining knowledge of the law with a passion for helping clients and you find yourself with an aggressive personal injury trial attorney.

The Law Office of Roger P. Foley has represented clients throughout South Florida, including South Bay and Palm Beach County. Check out our client reviews.

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I was charged with Domestic Violence few years ago and I was referred to Roger Foley from a family member! Roger is a BULLDOG! He was great ... Thomas
My wife (Mother of Stepson) and I Hired Mr Foley to represent my stepson in a minor criminal case. We would highly recommend ... Steve
Roger P. Foley got me reinstated. Also he got my COS waived, and got me to still be terminated off of probation on my expected termination date ... Jamar
Roger is a very compassionate person, he truly cares about his clients. He helped me with my case and was there for me every step of the way ... Cassandra G.
I think your firm did a great job on 3 cases that were 28 years old. The results are better than expected. I truly appreciate the hard work that ... Jim