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Mr. Foley delivered on every promise he made. He answered every question I had and ensured that the entire process went as efficently as it possibly could. Would high recommend.
★★★★★ Christian Federico
I found myself in a less than favorable situation. After consulting several attorneys, I decided to hire Roger P. Foley. Mr. Foley began working on my case quickly and within 24 hours after I hired him I began to see positive results. He was honest and clear with me and continues to be. I would recommend Roger to anyone who finds himself in need of a competent and compassionate law professional. He took the time to explain me the particular options I had and came out with the best possible outcome. Thank you Roger!
★★★★★ MetalVet
I was looking online when I got into some trouble regarding marijuana. I felt that with my career and what I want to pursue in life I cant have theses charges on my record. I googled a lawyer that would fit and handle my needs. Roger Foley came up onto the Google search. From the moment I meet this man, he seemed humble and and kind and was up front and honest with me. Since 2017 I have Roger hired roger for every one of my needs. He has been a wonderful and amazing lawyer. Seeing that his clients are taken care of to the fullest, I have refered many people to him. And will continue to. Thank you Roger.
★★★★★ Lisa Cover
Very professional service with a very good availability via email and phone.
★★★★★ Tero Rantanen
Yo contrate al bogado Roger foley para ke me le ayudara a mi hijo con un problema de Diu porque lo arrestaron y estoy muy agradecida con el porque mi hijo salio mas pronto de lo que yo pensaba el es un gran abogado es un ser humano como nunca yo habia conocido en ningun abogado cualkier problema en el futuro yo le llamare a el muchas gracias abogado y que deios me lo bendiga.

(Translated by Google)
I hired attorney Roger Foley to help me with my son with a Diu problem because he was arrested and I am very grateful to him because my son came out sooner than I thought he is a great lawyer, he is a human being like never I had never met any lawyer in the future any problem I will call him thank you very much lawyer and god bless me.
★★★★★ Maria Suazo
I reached out to mr foley regarding an error the clerk of courts made in regards to my civil rights,keep in mind this was a case from five years ago and he was able to pull up my records with the accurate information so that I can reach out to the courthouse and resolve my issue. Thank you mr. Foley you are the man!!!
★★★★★ David Lopez
Mr Foley is second to none! He insight and help to my situation has been amazing. I truly believe there are good people out there and Roger P Foley is one of them. Thank you sir for your help in a time I truly needed it and I highly recommend your services to any that may need it. Excellent!
★★★★★ RJ Cruz
Really quick and Pleasant experience, great lawyer and great guy all around. If I ever get into anymore legal troubles (which I don't plan to) Roger will be the first person I call. Phenomenal 5 star lawyer, would recommend to ANYONE.
★★★★★ Bryan Daley
Roger has gone above and beyond to help me out in times when I thought there was no hope. He takes his clients and work extremely personally. When you become a client it is as if you become a member of the Roger P. Foley family. That is the feeling you get with the personalized attention and professionalism they treat you with. If i ever had or have any legal questions or need legal help there is one call i am making and it is to Roger. He isn't like the rest of the lawyers out there when you call to ask questions you get an assistant, he actually takes the time out of his extremely busy day to address your questions or concerns. Don't mess with the rest choose the BEST, ROGER P. FOLEY PA.
★★★★★ Tom Rankin
I called for a couple questions on a car title issue with my co- signer. Roger P. Foley went above and beyond to help me would definitely recommend very professional.
★★★★★ Luisa Ulloa
I never thought I would be in a situation where I needed legal help to fight for my freedom. However, that is exactly what happened to me recently. After making a horrible mistake I was arrested for a DUI. Little did I know the fight I was in for when I was manhandled by the police. As a result, I was taken to the hospital and then the legal battle ensued. I thank goodness each day, that I was referred to Roger Foley. He not only assured me he would give this case 150%, he executed. This was no easy win and we were up against very strong adversity. Roger was honest with me each step of the way and went above and beyond to make sure I was informed and to get the justice that we both knew was deserved. If you're in trouble and need someone who will provide you the peace of mind and the best legal counsel, look no further. I highly recommend him and his expertise. Hiring the right legal counsel is a big decision and you don't want to put your fate into the hands of someone who will not give their best and/or someone who is not well versed and respected. Roger is hands down your best choice. I'm grateful I selected him. Thank you, Roger.
★★★★★ Hobe Living
Mr. Foley was very helpful taking his time explaining things to me. He gets right to the point,and go's the extra mile for you.
★★★★★ James Sapp
Mr. Foley represented my son and nephew, he was courteous, to the point and knows what he is doing. He is honest, gave us great advice and handled the case quickly and painlessly.

Highly recommended.
★★★★★ Rose WG
I woke up this morning feeling blessed, thankful and comfortable once again. My brother and I was charged with resisting arrest with Violence & battery on law-enforcement and it was a very stressful situation but having a strong ,determine ,aggressive and believer Iike Mr.Roger will get you through your hard times.I want to thank the man above and Mr.Roger for getting this case dismissed. I walked away with no charges or fines.I hired Mr.Roger the first day I spoke with him, he let my brother and I know up front that nothing is promising or guaranteed, but he promised To give it his all and he did exactly what he told us. He comfort me through this whole situation and let me know that everything takes time and he's going to give us the best result that he can. He is a honest lawyer, he keeps me informed on everything that was going on with my case. He let me know what I could do to make the case better as far as hiring a private investigator, and everything else that was possible to make the situation better and faster, I highly recommend Mr. Roger Foley to anyone out there looking for a good lawyer, he does not promise anything but he do exactly what he said he's going to do. I can't thank you enough and I appreciate you fighting for what you know is right.
★★★★★ Alex Dennis
We came to Mr Foley after a bad experience with a previous attorney. After emailing him one time to schedule a time to talk he immediately made himself available, spent 30 minutes on the phone with us to go through the situation. Mr Foley never once promised an outcome to us other then him agreeing to pursue the case and fight for the best possible outcome for our family. He kept us updated at every step and made sure we knew what he was doing. He predicted an outcome in no more than 60 days and we had one in less than 45 days. If you are looking for someone to truly care about you and provide honest responses Mr Foley is your best choice.
★★★★★ Laura Westwood
I would like to take this time to thank Mr. Foley for representing me. His knowledge and professionalism help me through a very difficult time. He was able to resolve my issue's very quickly. I could not have had a more confident and knowledgeable attorney representing me. Thank you again Roger.
★★★★★ Brian Feero
Recomiendo al abogado rogelio no tengas miedo contactalo foley el me ayudo a resolver mi caso de Dwl manejando con licencia suspendida y violacion de aprovatoria y todo salio mejor de lo q esperaba y ademas cuenta con el truccion a tu idioma q es muy importante.

(Translated by Google)
I recommend the lawyer rogelio do not be afraid contact him foley he helped me solve my Dwl case handling with suspended license and violation of approval and everything went better than I expected and also has the truccion to your language which is very important.
★★★★★ Eduardo Alvarez Salmeron
Listen up this man is The Truth when I tell you the recommendations on my behalf !!!highly recommend!!all day in america, honest, wise, flexible, available, just one of kind man spend your money and be happy with results!!!!!!!!!!!!!
★★★★★ Patrick Chery
I had THE BEST EVER encounter with Mr Roger P. Foley he is definitely highly recommended on my behalf again i'am speechless on his excellence and wisdom!!!!!! Hard to find Good Honest Attorney's in this day and age.
★★★★★ Jessenia Morales
Mr Foley came highly recommended, I Received a Free Consultation about a situation that would effect a family member, the advice Mr Foley gave was spot on. If you've been searching for a lawyer look no further. Mr Foley is down to earth, he's extremely knowledgeable, he has a BIG Heart, he's very supportive and he cares about you as a person, he doesn't see you as $$$. Of course, he has to be paid, however, its not about the money, even though he's very reasonable, he truly is there to Help You. I'm very happy to have met him, and would recommended him Highly!
★★★★★ Annie Charles
I was facing a pretty serious felony charge. So I started looking for a lawyer. I came across Roger and after the first meeting hired him. He was very easy to talk to, down to earth and no B.S. His fee was very reasonable. Best move I ever made. No jail time. If you need a great lawyer Roger is it.
★★★★★ Ray VanCott
Inmensamente agradecidos con Roger Foley!!.. Nuestro caso se resolvio !!!..Al fin podemos seguir nuestros planes.!!!..Muy buen abogado Amigable,. Humano,..Realista,..Y muy Professional ..El mejor sin duda!!!.Que Nuestro Señor te llene de bendiciones hoy y siempre!!!!..

(Translated by Google)
Immensely grateful to Roger Foley !! .. Our case was resolved !!! .. Finally we can follow our plans. !!! .. Very good lawyer Friendly. Human, .. Realistic, .. And very Professional .. The best without a doubt !!! May Our Lord fill you with blessings today and forever !!!! ..
★★★★★ Norma Salas
Mr. Foley helped us with a situation I will not go into details for, but he made me and my son feel extremely confident where as we were very concerned with the possible outcome of our problem.

He spoke to us in terms we understood and the main thing is got us a result we never expected. A positive one.

We can not recommend Mr Foley enough. Just wish we knew about him 4 years ago.
★★★★★ Steve Spann
Mr Foley , I would like to say that I am very greatfull to have hired your firm to represent me. You were straight forward and honest. To anyone who needs an awesome attorney i would highly recommend Roger Foley ,He is very well know and respected,and knowledgeable in the court system
★★★★★ Deanna
After calling multiple attorneys my initial conversation with Mr. Foley was a sense of relief. He's so knowledgeable and an excellent listener. Prior to me hiring Mr. Foley he had provided me with useful information on what I needed to do prior to my court date, which made a huge impact. Once I retained him he fought for me every step of the way. He's very well respected and knows the law. I was very impressed with his determination on fighting my case. On my 2nd court appearance he was able to file a motion and had my case dismissed! A few months later I hired him to expunge my case so I can put everything past me. This arrest could have cost me my whole career. Mr. Foley was the best investment I ever made.
★★★★★ Stephanie B.
Mr. Foley is an excellent Attorney who will fight for you and get you the best result possible. I highly recommend him for your criminal defense needs! He handled my son's case all the way through the Expungement process and now my son has a clean record.
★★★★★ Brad R.
Mr. Foley is a wonderful attorney. He helped me with my underaged son's case. It was a complictaed case but Roger Foley researched and drafted a motion to dismiss the case. They state dismissed. Mr. Foley is easy to talk to, he speaks in clear terms and is down to earth. I have also used him in another case and based on my previous experiences with other other attorneys, Roger Foley seperates himself by being more human and not just caring about the money. His caring nature comes through and is genuine. I would recommend.
★★★★★ Juanita Posada-Grant
I hired Mr. Foley for someone who was incarcerated and Mr. Foley did an excellent job. I would recommend. Mr. Foley Genuinely cares and wants to do the best he can for you.
★★★★★ Toni-ann
I hired the Law office of Roger P. Foley, P.A. because I was arrested for DUI. He made a highly stressful situation very easy. Took the time before I even hired him to explain the process. He went above and beyond for me. He even did more than I expected. Mr. Foley treated me like family. It should be his slogan. I met with several attorneys all of them gave me the same pitch that you can beat this and that it will be an easy win. I called Mr. Foley and he said the opposite but he explained why I was in this situation and what the law said on the subject. He spent 30 minutes on phone answering questions without knowing if I was interested in hiring him. He always emailed me, called me back and I was always updated. I did not have to blow him up to get answers, everything was smooth. We could have filed motions and went to trial, they started with a plea with lots of conditions. Mr. Foley went through each case and cut down all the conditions and had the charge lowered. My friends at first were thinking why am I hiring an attorney you can just plea out yourself or get a public defender but as the process went they were saying "good job hiring that guy," "you are so lucky." I would recommend Mr. Foley to anyone that is arrested. I dont plan on needing him again.
★★★★★ Celina M.
It's Thanksgiving weekend and what better time to write a review for a great Attorney? My juvenile son had been getting himself into some trouble earlier this year, as a worried, and single mother, I sought after an attorney hoping for one that I could trust, I called several attorneys and Mr. Foley was the first to reply efficiently. After a good 1st conversation with him I already knew that we would be hiring him. Mr. Foley has a great understanding of the law, breaks down the scenarios so that you can understand the pros and cons of your situation, and come to find out that he really cares about the outcome for his client. He has always returned phone calls and emails, his assistant(s) and staff are right on time too. I would not hesitate calling Mr. Foley for your situation, I highly recommend him and needless to say I'm very very thankful of his services and so is my son, whom by the way, today still has his freedom. Thank YOU so much Mr. Foley, you really did go above and beyond for my son. Your time and effort is still very much appreciated. amg.
★★★★★ Lashed Out
Mr. Foley and his staff were hands on! He was quick, efficient and resolved my issue better than I expected. As a person working for a law firm myself, I expect a high standard from an attorney and Mr. Foley gave me just that! A responsive and knowledgeable attorney that helped me through a difficult situation. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs.
★★★★★ Amanda Mathis
Roger Foley went above and beyond for our son, who was finding trouble his first year in college. Mr. Foley worked with the courts to set our son on the right path. He in a wise counsel, advisor and legal mind. Thank you.
★★★★★ Ellie Marshall
If you or a friend are in need of legal counsel, I highly recommend you reach out to Roger Foley's office to discuss your case and retain his services. Roger works extremely hard for his clients and he knows the law and local court system very well.

He's intelligent, honest and a reliable and professional attorney to have in your corner!
★★★★★ D. Baila
I cannot say enough good things about Mr.Foley and his legal expertise. Without his help I would not have the ability to be writing this review because I would be incarcerated, (in jail)!

Roger goes above and beyond for his clients. He would even take my calls on a Sunday afternoon when he was spending time with his family. He's been in the game a long time and has built very necessary relationships with prosecutors from all over the state. I trusted this man with my life and it was the best decision I could have made.

Whatever your situation may be, this is the guy that will get you the best possible result. Thanks again Roger for everything, you really are THE MAN!
★★★★★ Kevin Patrick
I searched online for attorneys. I came up with Roger Foley. I read about him, his bio and decided to call him. He does not back down from what I read. I met with him. Hired him and we went to court. They wanted to stick me with the maximum jail sentence from the beginning. Mr. Foley stuck by me and would not back down. Mr. Foley asked me to trust him and that he would fight. I only ever had one lawyer before in my life and he screwed me so I was weary but trusted him. It took a year and we were about to go to trial and then today they came and offerred a diversion program and the case will be dismissed soon. This is what they should have done a year ago. I am glad I listened to Mr. Foley. Additionally, Foley allowed me to make monthly payments to fit my budget. It was difficult but we made it as I am the only working person of 6 in the house.
★★★★★ Joel Cool
Mr. Foley is a Great attorney. Referred a friend to Mr. Foley and he did a superb job. Don't play Russian roulette with your life and hire him because he is the best and honest.
★★★★★ Marie Dauphin
I was 19 years old and was charged with downloading child porn. This was my first offense in the legal system and did not know what I was doing. My family and I hired Roger P. Foley. He helped me 100% of the way. He knew exactly what he was capable of. He never mislead me. He always always straight with me. I was facing 55 years in prison and it was reduced to 5 years of probation. It would have normally been sex offender status but I was not given that label. All in all the office is 100% professional and they will guide you through the system. I would recommend Roger P. Foley for any case that anyone may be dealing with.
★★★★★ Pat A.
I contacted Mr. Foley after a warrant was issued for my son's arrest for a Violation of Probation. Mr. Foley gave me excellent advice as to how to proceed in a way that was in the best interest of my son and our family. I am so very grateful to him for the time he took to speak with me and he was upfront and honest even though he knew that he was turning away business. The attorney I had spoken with earlier was eager to get our business and exaggerated the consequences my son would face. Many thanks, Mr. Foley for being so kind and offering such good advice. I finished the conversation with a sense of peace, an experience I have never had before when conducting any kind of business with an attorney.
★★★★★ Laura Allen
Rather its your first time or your last, Roger Foley and his office will lead you the right until your case is either dropped or reduced to almost nothing. He's made me ( as my first ever time in trouble with the law) feel at ease with everything that was going on. Within a few weeks, i got news that my case was dropped. OH! Did I mention the amazing prices and arrangements(if need be). Overall, Mr.Foley is the best and will treat you the best; Caucasian or not.
★★★★★ Jean Bellune
He represented my daughter and did an excellent job. He is a former boxer and has that fighter's mentality. He listens to your injustice and figures out what needs to be done. He does not shy away from the fight but embraces your problem and makes it his own. He did not take the easy way out. I know others that used him as well. He is not just about the money he tries to find out what the cop did wrong and advocate for the guy who just does not understand that he / she is being screwed by the the over zealous cop. He wants to take depositions, file motions, and go to trial. He loves the fight and that appears to be his motivation. He worked out a payment plan and everything worked out. Fighting is not cheap but he gave us options and was fair when compared to other lawyers. A plus lawyer that charges B prices.
★★★★★ Bail Bonds Fort Lauderale
I would recommend his office highly. I met two other attorneys first and they started at a much higher price and then they kept coming down bargaining and bargaining. Mr. Foley' price was lower than them to begin with. He gave me his lowest price from the beginning and did not flip flop on price. Other attorneys started at double Foley's price and even after all the haggling Mr Foley's price was still $500 dollars less. His staff is friendly, very helpful and gives a quick response. Additionally, I go by the same quote that Mr Foley has on his wall, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". I always felt very at ease with Mr Foley and his staff. I am very happy with his services and will highly recommend to everyone.
★★★★★ Janeil Pinder
Arrested for at night coming back from a bar. I was with some girl in my car in a parking lot and police arrived. The girl was on top of me. They pulled us out of the car and searched the vehicle and found some narcotics medication. I was arrested and was very scared because of my reputation in community. I did not know what to do. I did alot of research online to find a good lawyer and came across Roger P. Foley. There was a lot of good things online about him so I went to talk to him. After talking, I decided hiring him was the best thing. I felt that he was knowlegeable and honest. Honest and straightforward with all the possibilities so I hired him. I'm glad I did because he got all my charges dismissed. My reputation is kept intact. I would recommend him to others.
★★★★★ Matt Morrison
I hired Mr. Foley for my girlfriend's case because after meeting him he seemed like aguy that fight for his client not just for financial reasons. He was willing to work with me anyway possible. He kept me informed. The office was very professional and I got updates. On Oct 17, 2014 my girl was picked up on a warrant. Sat in Broward county then was transferred to Palm beach. Was not getting any info about why she was being held so I sought out some legal advice. I shopped around but when I met Foley and explained everything he told me my option. Gave me the good and the bad. First he got a court date immediately and had her released on SOR and then second court date case was dismissed.
★★★★★ Tanye Bryant
I started with another attorney who was obviously in it for the money. I was referred to Mr. Foley by a friend. From the beginnng Mr. Foley was honest. He listened to my lifestyle and did not judge me. He was realistic about the case. He made a payment plan that was easy and convenient for my income. It took a while for the process but it gave me a better outcome then I think I would have had. I was offerred jail time because I had previous charges and I ended up getting probation and my record will still be able to be sealed when its over. I would recommend The Law Office of Roger P. Foley to anybody who neeeds a criminal lawyer.
★★★★★ Kristin Rozo
Arrested for DUI. Driving home from Dinner and involved in a minor accident. Did lots of research through the internet and friends and found Mr. Foley on Avvo and the reviews were great. I met with Mr. Foley and felt strongly that he was the guy for the job. Mr. Foley is very honest and has no Bs and works hard to get a favorable outcome. Because this is my 4th dui I am negotiating a 90 day jail term versus significantly more. Mr. Foley looked at various motions and ultimately after taking the last deposition the liklihood of wining the case is slim. However, I wanted to write a review based on the work done. I plan to seek treatment for my illness.
★★★★★ Robert Peterson
I was charged with burglary and grand theft. I had lots of criminal history. I thought I was going to go to prison because of my criminal history but Mr. Foley was able to work things out and keep me from doing time. I was very satisfied with his services and recommend anyone in trouble to meet with him.
★★★★★ Elias Salinas
Mr. Foley recently represented my son in a criminal matter. Mr. Foley was honest, courteous, and knowledgeable. He always kept in touch with us and we always felt that he cared. It was obvious from the first time that I spoke to Mr. Foley that my son was not just a number but a human being that deserved to be heard. I would highly recommend Mr. Foley to everyone not only because of his professionalism, but because he truly cares. He always kept us in the loop of everything that was going on and I can honestly say that he goes above and beyond for his clients.
★★★★★ Josie F.
We needed an attorney to represent a petty theft case & after meetiing with roger, we hired him on the spot. he showed care & honesty from the beginning & followed through on every step.strongly recommend to anyone to at least meet roger in person, as you will feel safe with his representation.
★★★★★ Abe P.
I called 1 day before my court date the court would not give me a state appointed attorney on short notice i called roger Got my case pushed back and sat in for me. Did pretrial diversion got it dismissed and my traffic citations dismissed all I had to pay was his services and 100 dollars in other fines definitely would reccomend to someone who doesn't have time for the bullshit.
★★★★★ Codey S.
Crazy that yelp somehow does not recognize the 45 other reviews "…; I am proud of those reviews. Take a look at them. All real clients thanking our office. Thanks for checking us out.
★★★★★ Rp F.
Our family highly recommend Roger P Foley. It is not easy an extremely stressful to deal with legal matters. We had a legal problem with our son without any idea what to do or where to go.... Roger clearly explained the process and took care of it. Always available when needed. Roger took our worries and turned them into success!!!!
★★★★★ Lour R.
Look no further! Roger has handled several of my charges. Most recently Roger got me off an Insurance Felony charge in which a Geico investigator treated me like a criminal and threatened to get me charged with insurance fraud even in front of my mother who witnessed these threats when my car had been stolen. Roger was able to flush out information through his aggressive Depo's of the Officer and Geico Investigator. After the Geico Investigator who was a former Fort Lauderdale Homicide Detective was deposed. Roger was able to discover that the Geico investigator had manipulated multiple police departments with his past influence even after Geico had closed my case. Roger was flawless and was able to get my case dropped recently.Don't waste your time in going to another criminal defense lawyer! He is worth every penny! Thanks Roger!
★★★★★ Anonymous U.
I highly recommend Roger. Dealing with legal matters is extremely stressful, Roger was there to listen to my concerns and provide reassurance that we would be able to overcome the case. His legal advice helped me to avoid false claims. I still remember that advice until this day. If you are needing legal advice, he is your guy.
★★★★★ My H.
Roger Foley is a very professional attorney who gets the job done! I am very pleased with how fast and efficient he was in every aspect of my case. He is completely down to earth and was upfront with how the scenario could pan out and in the end he fought for the outcome I wanted. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you Mr. Foley.
★★★★★ Kelley M.
Mr Foley is the best around.He took an impossible situation and never once promised an outcome. He gave us the worst possible outcome and made sure that we understood from start to finish what would happen. He answered emails while on vacation, spoke with us when we had questions and always kept us updated with what he would do next and the steps we needed to take. Even now when i have a question that comes up he is responsive and happy to answer any questions that I have.
★★★★★ Laura W.
I never write reviews but I am so grateful of the service that Roger has extended to me and my family. I have to be honest, I don't really trust attorneys and Im usually very apprehensive but Roger made me very comfortable from day 1. I met Roger 16 years ago, when I was doing mornings at 99 Jamz, I've reffered him Numerous clients from all walks of life. From DUI to Drug cases and they were all beyond pleased with his service. I don't know if Im at liberty to say this , but everyone of them won their cases. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would need his service until now. Last month my 16 year old did something very stupid ( as teenagers do) and he put himself in a situation to where his life would be significantly impacted If the DA followed thru with the charges. Needless to say as a parent I was a wreck!!! I reached out to Roger, He immediately jumped on it and thru the grace of god and his pro active approach, He was able to mediate the situation. At this point my son is not facing any charges and he saved my sons life and saved me about $30 ,000 in legal fees that i Would have been facing just to keep my son out jail.I read one review where someone said some disheartening things and for the record, He is not incompetent, Corrupt and he's DEFINITELY not a RACIST. I dare to say, He might be blacker than me !! lol... Come on , he grew up in New york, lived in a black neighborhood played college football and was a boxer. I think its pretty difficult to be a racist under Those circumstances. He's very forthright honest and fair. I would not trust anyone else with my me or my family's livelihood.
★★★★★ Alex C.

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