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Mr. Foley is extremely knowledgeable and competent in his craft. The confidence which he exudes gave me reassurance in a scary, unknown situation. He is well known and respected in the courthouse by judges and state prosecutors alike. Mr. Foley is a down to earth guy who took the time to diligently explain any concerns I had. Most impressive is how available he made himself to me and took the time to address any questions which arose. Mr. Foley truly cares about his clients and comes highly recommended by this client.
★★★★★ Brian F.
Mr. Foley is a very hard working, knowledgeable, straight-forward attorney. We had a situation that had to be handled NOW and did not know where to turn. He was on top of the situation very quickly and answered all questions before he was actually hired. If you need good legal counsel, call Roger Foley.
★★★★★ Satisfied C.
Diligent. Truthful. Results Oriented. Three key characteristics Mr. Foley displayed beginning to end. After speaking with multiple lawyers concerning my case, my initial consultation with Mr. Foley put me in a better frame of mind. Once I retained his services Mr. Foley immediately went to work and the end result was probation on an offense for which I could have been incarcerated. His fee was more than adequate and lower than any other lawyer I spoke with. Needless to say, I highly recommend Mr. Foley if you need a criminal lawyer.
★★★★★ Nate C.
Hiring Roger P. Foley is one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is a wonderfully gifted lawyer: a combination of legal skills, assertiveness, professionalism and compassion. Roger will have your back 100%. He did not treat me like just another client or a case file. He was completely focused on my case. What I loved most about Roger was when I was becoming emotional and concentrating on the injustices of the situation, he kept me focused on the task at hand: staying out of prison and not damaging my professional pursuits. He could easily have steered me toward taking a diversion program. He generously took time to explain in depth the pros and cons of my case. He was ready and prepared to take the matter to trial. When you are charged with a crime, it can destroy your life even if you are innocent. I was so depressed. I couldn't tell anyone in my family. I was so embarrassed. I thought my professional life was over. Roger gave me back my life, my livelihood, my dignity and my self-respect. Having Roger P. Foley as your lawyer is like having a superhero on your team.
★★★★★ B S.
I couldn't be more pleased with hiring Roger P. Foley as my attorney. From our first meeting, he was a straight shooter and laid out my situation for me. This was a difficult case and a sensitive situation as I am in a specialized field. Mr. Foley was attentive to all my questions and walk me through this tumultuous process. I made the right choice choosing him to represent me. I read many reviews from many different sources prior to hiring Mr. Foley. There is a reason he is so highly rated amongst his peers...he is simply that good. He is intelligent, compassionate, and hard working. I can't thank him enough for getting me out of my terrible situation.
★★★★★ Sam B.
Mr. Foley was a God send for me and my husband. We were on vacation in florida and needed legal assistance. Mr. Foley came in on Saturday to meet with my husband and then appeared in court for us on Sunday. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He is straight forward and keeps you informed of what to expect. We were very happy with the outcome of our case due to Mr. Foley's hard work.
★★★★★ Elizabeth L.
Roger Foley is awesome. He explained everything to me in detail, he always returned my calls and kept in contact with me. He is very compassionate and truly feels what his client is going through. He helped me so much I would recommend him to everyone!
★★★★★ Cassandra G.
Roger helped me with a very unfortunate legal situation! I put my troubles in his hands and they all went away! Thank YOU Roger Foley! He's the best!
★★★★★ Brenda P.
Superior client service is how I describe the way the Law Office of Roger P Foley handled my daughter's case. From my first conversation with Mr Foley, I sensed his concern, expertise and professionalism. Mr Foley was always available to answer questions in a straight-forward manner and provided tailored legal services. He worked smoothly and confidently toward achieving a swift, favorable resolution to my daughter's case. Without reservation, I would highly recommend The Law Office of Roger P Foley for anyone requiring criminal defense legal help!
★★★★★ Joyce U.
On january 7th 2014 i was leaving a crossfit gym in pompano beach and bumped a parked car that was too close to my truck, the crossfit class was finishing up there W.O.D (workout of the day) outside in the rear of the gym. I straightened my truck out and proceeded to drive to the back of the building to inform the owner of the vehicle when i was pulled over by a police officer that was parked across the street doing surveilance work. He didn't believe i was looking for the owner and made me get out of my truck and locked me in the back of his police car while he did his investigation, after waiting for a long time in the back of the police car i was asked to get out by a DUI investigator. The officer was the biggest jerk i had ever met in my life, i told him i had 2 drinks with some co workers after work around 4 o'clock, it was now 830 at night. He asked me if i would be willing to do a roadside sobriety test, after performing a pretty much perfect test he still arrested me for DUI and leaving the scene. I refused the breathalizer and i spent the night in broward county jail and was released in the morning. As soon as i was released i turned on my phone and started searching for dui lawyers, i googled top dui attorneys in broward county and Roger P Foley popped up every time. I called Mr. Foley that afternoon and was sitting in his office the next day. My first impression of Roger was this guy means buisness, he's tall, well dressed and talks with authority, he knew DUI laws inside out. I thought to myself, if i wanted a chance to get out of this situation, this was the guy i needed on my side. We discussed his fees, and he was nice enough to work out an easy payment plan for me. Before i left his office i asked him how long would this case take from beginning to end? he said about 12 months. Mr Foley got right to business, he ordered my DUI video, police report and a copy of the radio conversations with the aressting officers. After getting a depostion from the officers he scheduled a meeting for me and him to sit down and discuss a strategy for my case. We discussed all the factors and reviewed my dui video and agreed that this was a case that needed to taken to trial. Days before my trial date Mr Foley contacted the district attorney and asked her to review my case and video, after looking it over she offered me a plea, part of the plea barging included probation. I asked Roger if he thought i should take the plea, and he said you have a strong case, if it was me i wouldn't. After another couple weeks of negotiating back and forth with the district attorney and her supervisor, i was sitting in a courtroom with a motion to supress. When Mr Foley speaks on your behalf he amediatley takes control of the court room, i could tell he really intimedated the arresting officers. After 3 long hours in the court room i was denied my motion to supress evidence. Mr Foley insisted that my trial be reset and he be given time to find a case that mirrored mine where that case was won. 3 weeks later i was back in the court room, the district attorney knew Mr Foley had a strong case, so i was offered another plea. I was originally charged with a DUI, leaving the scene, and improper backing. I accepted a plea of reckless driving with adjudication with held, leaving the scene with adjudication with held, and my improper backing fine just disappeared. I received no jail time, no probation, no suspension on my license, i just received court costs.Mr Foley and i agreed that this was a win! He said i haven't seen a plea offered to anyone with a dui case that was so lenient in 10 years. My case was over in only 10 months. I know i made the right decision in hiring Roger P. Foley as my dui attorney, i would recommend him to anyone with a criminal or misdemeanor case.
★★★★★ Adan L.
I was pulled over and the police found a bowl of marijuana. My friend told me to hire a lawyer so I did not get taken advantage o. I looked up trial lawyers for marijuana cases and I found Mr. Foley. I called his office and set up my appointment. I spoke to him and I hired him. Mr. Foley got my case dismissed without any problems. Whenever I called with a question they answered it and got in contact with me no problems. They showed up to court without any problems. I have heard of other lawyers not even showing up. I would recommend to my friends and family.
★★★★★ Angelo V.
My girlfriend was looking at 60 days in jail. There was a lawyer referred to me by a friend and that's who we hired for services shortly after we realized this lawyer was just in it for the money. That's when I was told about Mr. Roger Foley. He was not only a great lawyer but a great person. He listened to my girlfriends side of the story. Told her all about the pros and cons and the best option for her. My girlfriend ended up with probation and being able to seal her record after probation is over. I don't know what or where we would be if it wasn't for Mr. Foley and all his help. If you ever need a great lawyer call him.
★★★★★ Gustavo R.
I have known Mr. Roger Foley for many years. My husband picked him out of numerous lawyers when faced with then our teenage son's initial charge. Mr. Foley has become not only our trusted and devoted lawyer, but also a guide for our son. Mr. Foley has not only helped my son's charges get dismissed as a teenager, but continued to trust in our son and direct him on the righteous path. As some people believe my son has done "boyish things", the reality is that the law is extremely tough and unrelenting. When my son was faced with severe felonies due to wrongful charges, Mr. Roger Foley helped get the charges dismissed. Mr. Foley is not only an example of professionalism but also a humanitarian. He has shown compassion and trust. Mr. Foley believes in his clients, however he is a realist and will no doubt give his honest professional opinion. He will not give false hopes, however behind the scene he will fight for you with all his knowledge and power. Yes he has won my son's cases, and felonies have been dismissed, however he truly is an exceptional lawyer and continues to be a mentor.As my husband and I are both professional people, we have the outmost respect for Mr. Roger P. Foley.
★★★★★ Anonymous M.
I can never forget the turmoil we were in as a family when our son for the first time faced serious charges. He was a teenager on a golf course with his friends when as a prank decided to drive around maintenance golf cart for the fun of it, unfortunately that incident landed my son with a charge of grand theft felony. Hefty charges for a prank. The next few months while waiting for the courts was a nerve wrenching experience, it started with my search for an attorney. I went to five attorneys in order to make a decision as to whom I would pick. All were rated well, had good records, and while half charged in the same price range, other were astronomically higher. It was clear their only passion was money not so much what's best for the client. My gut feelings led to Roger P. Foley. He was realistic, but at the same tie he didn't make us feel as if our son was a terrible criminal as many others did. He gave us hope while others remained pessimistic about keeping him out of a juvenile jail. He gave logical examples and personal experiences which created a sense of trust between us. The case ended up with no jail time, no juvenile jail, nor probation. Most of all I can tell you through the years whatever he told us would be his hope and goals for a case, happened. We have yet to be disappointed with the results, and although we hope never to need his services again, it's a piece of mind know that he is there as a sign of hope and care all the way.
★★★★★ Anonymous F.
Roger Foley has been my lawyer for seven years and has defended me on numerous occasions. I was first introduced to Roger as a juvenile with a serious felony charge of Second Degree Arson. Granted I wasn't the model teenager, I still didn't deserve to be with such outrages felony charges. After meeting with Roger he gave me the raw reality of the situation and I knew exactly where I stood, and the direction we were going to take in defending my case. After this case was settled a couple years passed and I ended up on the wrong side of the law with another felony charge of Grand Theft and Criminal Mischief over a thousand dollars. I wasn't some outrages troublemaker out to find trouble; I was just a kid that didn't have the best of luck. Thankfully I had Roger and he was able to understand my situation and defend me appropriately and ended up not having to do a day in jail or a juvenile facility. My misfortune ended up piling over to my adult years and I most recently was charged with the Felonies of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Aggravated Battery. I was obviously wrongly charged of these crimes, but I was facing 20 yrs in prison. I thank god I had Roger Foley as my lawyer who believed in me and fought for me with all his power. He was able to get both charges dismissed and I am free. Roger was there through all my teenage years and early adulthood keeping me out of jail because he believed that I was a better person. He has represented me on major high profile felony cases to petty misdemeanors and has never stopped fighting for justice. Roger Foley is the top lawyer in South Florida.
★★★★★ Anonymous A.
My fiancé was wrongly convicted of multiple felonies and was abused by the justice system and power hungry cops. I went in to meet with Mr. Foley to give my statement and was so happily surprised with his professionalism and his true passion for what he does. He completely understood what a serious predicament we were in, and wanted to defend us. He told me about similar cases he has worked where people are screwed over by the law, which is put in place to protect us. I felt that I was in safe hands and relieved, but he made sure I understood what the worst case scenario could be. He's not a man to give you high hopes in a high profile case; he gives you the raw reality of it. Although his presence alone gives you a sense of hope, I am happy to say that my fiancés charges have been dismissed even when I feared the worst. I have recommended him to my mom to help her in another unjust situation, and will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs the best representation around. He is your go to guy.
★★★★★ Alejandra R.
I was in a tight spot and Roger was there for me, I couldnt have asked for a better reprsentative you wont regret hiring Mr Foley he treats every with the utmost importance!!
★★★★★ Whyatt E.
Mr. Roger P Foley is a stand up, honest person who made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning. I got arrested late Saturday/ Early Sunday and he was recommended to me due to my charges (7 total, 3 felonies). I went to see him the following day and now, not even a month later, I am no longer having sleepless nights because the case was dismissed. He didn't just try to plea me out. As he told me in the office, he will go for the home run and that is what he did. Saved my life and my career. Couldn't recommend him enough.
★★★★★ Sebas F.
Mr.Foley has helped me more than I could hope for. I didn't know where to start looking for a lawyer so my boyfriend went ahead and set up an appointment for me to see him. He was very straightforward with me without any sugar-coating. Of course I was scared but the fact that he explained everything to me very clearly and going over all possibilities is what had me choose to go ahead with me.
★★★★★ Jennifer C.
Mr. Foley makes miracles happen. I was either going to be sent to a six month treatment program or facing serious jail time for a violation of probation. I was convinced that there was no way around it but Mr. Foley made the impossible happen. Not only did he get me off my charges but he got my probation terminated completely. I could tell he really worked hard on my case and that he genuinely cared unlike other lawyers that I've had in the past. I am so grateful for all he has done for me and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He's awesome!
★★★★★ Danielle M.
Adequate,competent and complete-he gets the job done. Hired him on my DUI and got a fair price and was very happy with the results!
★★★★★ Latoya B.
DUI CASE- My wife found you on the internet. We looked on the internet for diversion programs. However, I had prior criminal history. I found the information on his website very helpful. I read reviews and I did read one bad but thought to myself that you can't make everyone happy. The rest of the reviews were great. Went to see him and got alittle scared because of severity of the case but he was confident and explained my options. You always think is this the right person? I think you get what you pay for. I told my wife and she thought it was a little expensive but ity worked out. He got the results that were needed. The case was reduced to a reckless and I got the withhold of adjudication. I would highly recommend him to others in need of attorney.
★★★★★ Michael J.
Roger Foley is the top dog in WPB. I had a friend that he got into a Criminal Rehabilitation program instead of having to go to prison. Foley got him into Redemption Recovery, CriminalRehabilitation.c… and he did not have to do 1 day in the can. Unreal job!!!
★★★★★ Dave B.
I was charged with Domestic Violence few years ago and I was referred to Roger Foley from a family member! Roger is a BULLDOG! He was great and very aggressive in helping me beat this bogus case. Case was dismissed! He was on top of everything til the end!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND
★★★★★ Thomas R.
You get what you paid for absolutely applies here 100%. My parents were arrested and charged with possession with intent to sell Synthetic Marijuana a.k.a (Spices). Roger was referred to us by my parent's bondsman. After meeting with him, I immediately knew that this guy was very aggressive and he was very honest from the beginning. He didn't scare us or didn't exaggerate anything to get retained unlike the other attorneys we had consulted. We decided to retain Roger and couldn't be happier with the results. My parents were facing up to 5 years in prison and ended up with just a few months of probation. Roger really works hard for his clients and consistently works to find loop holes in cases. He is a straight shooter and does not give up on cases. He is also humble and caring towards his clients. Best quality we liked of Roger was his work ethics and that every time we emailed him, he responded back within the matter of minutes. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Roger P. Foley.
★★★★★ Norman N.
I was in an accident and chearged with a DUI. I did a google search and found Mr. Foley to have very good reviews. I called and made an appointment for the following day. He seemed very aggresive and forthcoming. I talked to other attorneys and Mr. Foley seemed to have the best case. He fought really hard and went through every bit of evidence. He even called me on a sunday night to go over the case that he spent the night working on. Because of the facts and evidence, the case had a low probability of success and I couldnt risk any jail time, so I plead out. I got the minimum of everything and no jail time!
★★★★★ Scott M.
Placed on probation for 2 years and was illegible for early termination and about to loose a promotion at work. I started looking for lawyers in Google. When I came across Mr. Foley's reviews I read about 10 of them and all were positive. I decided to call him and hire him. He let me know that the state and probation objected to the early termination but we went to court today and Mr. Foley talked and the judge granted it. I would highly recommend anyone needing a criminal lawyer call him.
★★★★★ Robert B.
A mi me arrestaron por manejar bajo la influencia del alchol, busque un abogado que me hiciera sentir segura y encontre a senor Folley el me hizo sentir segura y me atendio muy bien cada vez que llame para saber de mi caso siempre atenndio mis llamdas y se aseguro que yo entendira todo lo que pasaba con mi caso, el resultado en mi cso fue muy bueno para mi, me gustaria recomendarlo con otras personas que nesecitan ayuda el les dara un buen servio, gracias. 

(Translated by Google)
I was arrested for a DUI and was looking for good lawyer and to make me feel safe. I felt very safe with Mr. Foley and his firm. Everytime I called he talked to me and made me feel safe and made sure that I understood everything. The result was a good deal. It was the best thing to do for me and I know you work hard for this. I would recommend this firm to others.
★★★★★ Igrid A.
The money was well spent. My wife was arrested for a vop 2 years after the fact. Looking at someone with the most reviews and found Mr. Foley. My wife was facing 5 years prison on attempted trafficking case by violating her probation. He called me back and was straight up with me and told me she was facing a lot of prison time. After going to the initial court date realized how much time the state was offering (4years) then we decided to hire Mr. Foley. Mr. Foley worked very hard and diligent and was able to reinstate her and she still has her job and family. Nothing short of miracle because I scored 4 years minimimum. I would recommend highly
★★★★★ John D.
Went online to look for an attorney to help me in my battery case. I looked at Mr. Foley's reviews and was impressed. Once I met him I felt very comfortable and confident that he could accomplish the job. I am very grateful he was able to get the case dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone needing a criminal attorney. Me meti en la internet buscando un abogado que me ayudara en mi case de abuso domestico. Chequee la informacion del abogado Foley y las resenas y me impresiono muchisimo. Cuando entre a su oficina me senti muy calmada y segura de que el me podria ayudar con mi caso. Estoy super contenta y agradecida eternamente porque me pudo remover todos los cargos por completo. Recomendaria a este abogago a cualquier persona que necesite un abogado criminal.
★★★★★ Sharon M.
Attorney Roger P. Foley is truly one of a kind representation. I called to see if he practices in the county where my Vop is pending. He was very intuitive and professionally personable in response to my concerns. He spoke with me for well over 30 minutes to put me on the right track. He helped my frame of mind and laid the cards out clearly so I can move forward in the process to protect my freedom. Thank you, Atty. Foley, for your kindness and fair consideration. May God be with you during these diffucult times & always. {5 stars for sure}
★★★★★ S.L.
I called for advise. Mr Foley spoke with me for 30-40 min advising me and didn’t ask for anything in return. Basically I had a lawyer hired and wanted a second opinion which he gave me honestly. Stayed my lawyer was doing everything correctly. I would defiantly hire him for the future.
★★★★★ Anonymous
Roger met with us regarding a petty theft case in Broward CNTY & showed concern & Honesty from the get go. He gave the the best & worst scenarios & followed through on every step. He was able to settle the case at the best scenario. Would strongly recommend to anyone!
★★★★★ Anonymous
I had contacted Mr. Foley after watching one of his YouTube videos about theft and dealing in stolen property. I let him know I had a retained attorney but had a question about the video. I was amazed at how quickly he replied! It was after 11pm too!! Because of his willingness to take the time to answer my question, the state had to drop one of the charges. If I had not come across his video, I would have had an additional charge. I can not thank you enough!! Thank you for caring about people!
★★★★★ Anonymous
This may seem a little far fetched but a true story, I was consulting with a few attorneys for my grandsons case while writing information on a yellow pad, I was standing next to my vehicle as I was talking to my husband about a choice I had to make between two attorneys one being Mr.Foley

Suddenly out of knowhere a bird defecated right on Mr. Foleys name, and I thought, this is a sign so I will choose Mr.Foley to represent him.

Well that bird was right! Very pleased with the outcome of my case,he fought for him and gave us a new outlook in life.

Roger Foley is my go to attorney, he was a fighter and still is! Thank you Roger from the bottom of my heart,soon we can put this nightmare behind us and continue with our lives.

Thank you
★★★★★ Francesca
As a former judge I always took note of the Attorneys who appeared before me who prepared or not. Roger was always prepared and impressed me with his knowledge of the law. He is an exceptional lawyer.
★★★★★ Pedro
Due to some unfortunate circumstances, my wife was arrested twice for domestic violence due to reports by her family. This can mean jail time, losing your children, and some severe penalties. But we found Roger and gave him a chance. He was upfront on what the fees would be, and every avenue that we would be able to pursue. He was patient and very clear with us on what would be done and what our chances were. At the end of the process, my wife walked on both charges, and everything had gone exactly as he said it would. It was a great end to a terrible experience, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone that needs the best lawyer they can get.
★★★★★ Anonymous
Look no further! Roger has handled several of my charges.

Most recently Roger got me off an Insurance Felony Charge in which a Geico investigator treated me like a criminal and threatened to get me charged with insurance fraud even in front of my mother who witnessed these threats when my car had been stolen. Roger was able to flush out information through his aggressive Depo's of the Officer and Geico Investigator. After the Geico Investigator who was a former Fort Lauderdale Homicide Detective was deposed. Roger was able to discover that the Geico investigator had manipulated multiple police departments with his past influence even after Geico had closed my case. Roger was flawless and was able to get my case dropped recently.

Don't waste your time in going to another criminal defense Attorney! He is worth every penny! Thanks Roger!
★★★★★ Nas Zaki
Roger Foley went above and beyond my expectations while dealing with my incident I had working in Florida. Being from North Carolina, I was beyond stressed on how the case would be handled but Foley made sure I was kept up to date on all the steps. He made himself available all hours of the day and night. He is very straight forward, easy to talk to, and wants the best outcome for his clients. So glad I made the decision to go with Roger Foley and I will never be able to thank him enough for what he did. I highly recommend him to anyone.
★★★★★ Corey
I was referred to Mr. Foley due to the nature of my case. He got in touch with me on a timely manner, with great communication. Mr. Foley did a tremendous job on getting me the best outcome in my case. I highly recommend him and his office. I live out of state, so his office and him prepared me and my case with all the special exceptions that came with it in a professional and friendly manner.
★★★★★ Aaron
Ran into a bump into the road and had to get an attorney. Out of all of the attorney’s that I spoke to, Roger made me feel at ease; he was confident, insightful, and always available if I had any concerns. I was included in every step of the process and never felt as if I was just another client. Roger made the process very smooth and was reliable.
★★★★★ Anonymous
Back in May 2014, I hired Mr. Foley to expunge my juvenile record. I did as he asked in order to get my packet ready to submit to FDLE. Waited 7 months due to processing times at FDLE. Appeared in court with Mr. Foley and got what I wanted expungement granted. My case was super easy but still, Mr. Foley did me a solid and because of his work I was able to enroll in college and I graduate May 2018 looking to become a Nursing Home Administrator then a real estate investor that buys apartment buildings. Thank you, Mr. Foley.
★★★★★ Gilberto
I've had to hire Mr. Foley on several occasions and have had much success in doing so each time. He has always been upfront with his fees and has personally always given me the option to handle a few issues on my own to actually save myself a few dollars in the long run. Mr. Foley, I believe to be, one of the few thorough, reliable and trustworthy, gem of an attorney still left in Palm Beach County, FL. I have no problem referring his name to anyone that is in need of the best. Highly Recommend his services!
★★★★★ Aimee
He showed up & did exactly what he said he was going to do, and he makes a payment plan with you.
★★★★★ Avery
I hired Attorney Roger P. Foley to help my nephew who was arrested on heroine possession charges. I chose Attorney Foley because he was not pushing me to hire him on the spot by preying on my emotional distress like the rest of the Attorneys. Mr. Foley handled my nephew's case in a professional but stern matter as if he was his own family member. On the court sentencing day, a true miracle happened with the Judge- my nephew was given court mandated treatment for his addiction, which was not even one of the options. Due to Attorney Foley's dedication, determination and beliefs - my nephew is in a treatment facility and has been sober for close to 90 days! Thank you Mr. Foley for helping to save my nephew's life - may God Bless you!
★★★★★ Allison
I can't say enough about Roger Foley, he was honest and so helpful to me when I really needed help and advice with my case.

I felt he really cared about my situation and was so down to earth and easy to speak with. Changed how I view lawyers for sure.
★★★★★ Anabell
My Husband and I hired Mr. Foley to represent my Son who was caught up in a "wrong place at the wrong time" situation. Mr. Foley clearly explained the course of action that he felt would be the best way to proceed. We followed his direction and placed our trust in his ability. Roger acted quickly and successfully cleared up the situation exactly as he explained in the beginning. Mr. Foley was always professional and responsive to all our questions. Thanks Roger!!
★★★★★ Anonymous
One of our family members had a probation violation charge and additional charges as well.We live in New Jersey so we reached out to Mr Foley to handle the complicated case in two counties.He was very patient with all of us and utilized a Christian approach,which we were seeking.He managed,in a short period,to solve these matters and dramatically reduce the jail time that was expected.He did not accept all that was being presented by the courts and fought for fairness and compassion.He did what he said he would and also offered up counseling advise to our loved one.MrFoley also answered all our calls on a timely basis ,and since we were so far away,became a trusted source of information,which is often clouded up by authorities.We are very thankful for the outcome and also appreciate his sincere interest in helping with recovery for our family member.We highly recommend Mr Foley in defending those that are charged with crimes.
★★★★★ Timothy

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