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Out celebrating mty birthday and had a couple of drinks at the hardrock. Made a wrong turn and got pulled over and arrested on a DUI by a Hollywood police offficer who had an attitude. Was harassed and taken to jail. Spoke to some inmates who talked good about Attorney Roger P Foley and then I posted bond and contacted him to retain him. STarted fighting the case and provided me the paperwork that it ws not my second DUI. The state was pushing for jail time and Mr. Foley went back and forth with the judge and the state and got the jail knocked out with minimal probation. I would recommend Mr. Foley to other people with similiar problems.
★★★★★ Jeromy
I googled Florida DUI attorneys and came accross one of the few lawyers that is competent to take the case to trial. Italked to a few lawyers. Office was clean, staff was top notch, staff answered all my questions first time around, returned phone calls and emails. Generally, a great experience. On day of multiple trials Mr. Foley was ready but they were not and today on Final day of trial as we were picking jury they asked for side bar and I did not know what was going on. The case was reduced to a reckless. Even at the last minute you continued to add value to my case by covering all the bases with the court. I would recommend The Law Office of Roger P. Foley to any with a DUI issue.
★★★★★ Christopher
I was placed on probation since 2009 and have been good. I work in Miami and one night i was driving and was pulled over by police. When they checked my id they pulled me out of the car at gunpoint and made me get on the ground. They searched my car and found a cigar and arrested me for possession of cannabis, resisting arrest because i kept saying to test it because it was not weed, and disobeying an officer. He said your not the type of guy that smokes a cigar thats why he did not tyest it. Eventually it was tested and it was what i said. This caused me to be violated broward cases. One of three charges stayed but state dropped weed and resisting charges. My broward probation officer was not told because i was scared because i was not suppossed to be in Miami. When he found out he told me he was violating me. He told my mom that i was sneaky and he would run away. I then found lawyer Roger P Foley because this probation officer would try to have me put in prison. In speaking to mr. Foley he was confident and Icfelt like he knew what he was talking about. The other lawyers i met did not do that. My mom says that it was his voice of confidence. He said he would treat me like brother and no lawyer ever said something like that to me. I kept calling him over and over- they kept saying relax they would take care of it and not to worry. I was skepticle but on the day Mr. Roger P. Foley went in and did his thing and knocked down. Convinced the judge and the state to reinstate my probation and give me a curfew and drug tests. Even though this was adult court because im 27 it allowed the judge and state to work with me because my probation officer gave me 12 violations and i think he wanted me to do life in prison :) I could only be given 10 years but this probation officer does not like me. When in court Mr. Foley not only got it reinstated i can now travel for any purpose in the tricounty area. I definitely recommend Lawyer foley because he his honest, aggresssive, and strong in court.
★★★★★ Rami
One night I was celebrating my birthday and was driving home around 12pm near turnpike. I was going a few miles over speed limit and was pulled over. They asked me if I had anything to drink but never asked over how long a period. I had drank 4-5 beers 6 hour period. As i exited the vehicle i needed my cane because of a full hip replacement and the officers said sure. Then he asked me to do exercises but I said i was unable. He just said I needed to do them. He never said he would modify but considered it a refusal of the exercises. I told him I would give a breath. Police officer was rude discourteous and not willing to look at fact that I had an impairment. I was arrested and taken to substation and my breath was .199. I knew there was no way that i could blow that high after only having 4-5 beers over a 5-6 hour period. Then I went to main jail. It was horrible because i am diabetic and they took my cane so I could not walk. They then transferred me to med wing. I found Mr. Foley from Steve at the bailbonds office. I met with Attorney RP Foley and was put at ease. Foley also made me a payment plan because I could not afford fees upfront. When I asked him questions he knew all the answers so I felt confident. Although I was confident in foley as time went by I became nervous of what would happen and then the state came with their deal. That was very stressful because they were throwing the book at me and there was no deal. After talking with Lawyer Foley, he said " although I can't guarantee you anything- I am very confident in my ability to win this case and if I did not think I could win I would not blow smoke up your A$$." He came at me straight- not with legal mumbo jumbo and used examples on how he would fight and his strategy. Court date, after court date, I just wanted to be done worrying about it. Finally on my day of court- I never saw Mr. Foley argue befoore but it was obvious that he did his home work. He was very aggressive like a DOG WITH A BONE. HE would not give it up. The state was so confused by Mr. Foley's argument. He had the judge arguing with the state going< " i never thought about that state but Mr. Foley is right who is she do certify the machine do we even know if she is certified? WHy is she signing it?" and the state was lost. The Judge initially ruled against us and even found that the cops were lying and Foley proved it with his research but the judge did not agree at first. I was so confused because he proved it was a lie- I could feel his confidence and then Foley argued for another 11/2 after she ruled against him. For her to let Foley to continue arguing after she had meade her ruling I thought maybe she ws starting to get his argument. She allowed him 48 hours to draft a memorandum about the eye test and how it could not establish a reason for police to arrest me. He said that the case law was against what the judge was saying but she wanted a case from 17th judicial circuit. He did his research and filed documents she wanted. Mr. Foley called me three weeks later and asked if I wanted the good news or the bad news. I took the bad news and he said your date has been changed again. SO whats the good news, I asked and he said that she changed her mind and granted our motion. We won! I was not sure if everything was thrown out but it all got dismissed and the state decided not to appeal the judge. Iwould recommend Mr. Foley in a heartbeat for any criminal case in Florida. I have had other criminal attorneys in the past but Attorney RP Foley is hands down the best I have ever had.
★★★★★ dixon4471
I was exiting a BK and went to left lane and police immediately pulled me over. The police officer told a lie when he wrote his report. He said I hit a median. Then the other cop comes and has me exit the car and makes me do exercises. He slams me on car and cuffs me. Never tells me im arrested. They never told me that i did not have to blow or do exercises. I did the exercises and gave a breath. They took several breath test that were erratic and ultimately my breat resulty was a .228. The bondsman recommended the best DUI lawyer in town. I was thinking about going with a cheaper lawyer but the bondsman said that he was the best so i went with Mr. Foley. Once I met Mr. Foley I had no hesitation. I had full confidence in this office and Ilet him do his magic. Unfortunately you don't ever know but he did his thing and we went to court today for a motion. I was nervous but confident because when I saw him in the court rooom he took overand had everybody's respect. The attorney for the state tried to give Mr. Foley some case law and it made the judge mad and she asked, " is this what they are teaching you state attorney's now" . Mr. Foley took the report and told the judge it was different and the judge agreed. The Judge said that the officer was premature in stopping me and granted our motion. The officer said I needed a turn signal to pull out onto a one way road-Mr. Foley asked him to go look up the law after the hearing but he was very polite and professional and was never rude with anyone. He just commanded the court's respect. I would highly recommend Mr, Foley to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer.
★★★★★ Mychael
I was getting ready for gym and a man came with a black dodge charger. He asked me my name and he told me to sit down and 7-8 sunrise cops came. Then several police from Stuart Florida came with a search warrant. They showed me some internet pics of what my son had been doing on internet. (Sexual organs between my son an a girl) . They took all our computers and later he was arrested. I called a lawyer friend who told me what to expect and then I went to the bail bondsman. He recommended Mr. Foley and my lawyer friend told me to go with Mr. Foley because he could do a better job than she could. After meeting with Foley I had very good vibes and hired him. I was not that nervous about prison but I was about my son being a registered sex offender. My wife was upset about the process and what was happening on the internet. Although he was a first offfender she was worried about prison. The anticpation of waiting for an answer from the courts on what would happen was nerve racking. Foley had told us no news was good news and to hang tight and the longer it lasted the better chance we had. On the last day of court we were very please with the outcome. The bailbondsman was right about Foley. Mr. Foley went in front of the judge and we were scared about whether they would take what mr. foley proposed. The sex cahrges were deleted and my son got two years probation for an internet crime of unlawfully using a computer. Therefore his record can be sealed after the probation and exxpunged in 10 years. Nobody will ever know about his sex charges. Once his probation is over for the non-sex case we will seal his record. Our family would highly recommend Mr. Foley to anyone needing acriminal trial lawyer
★★★★★ Parent
I was a soliciting business for my job and was stoped by police. They asked to search my car and I asked why but my wife spoke up and said yes and gave her consent. The police found marijuana and I was arrested and taken to jail. We did a search on the internet and found attorney Roger P. Foley. We met him and found him to be very helpful. He set up a payment plan that we could handle and that made things easier. My job was effected by the arrest and caused me many problems but when Mr. Foley called and said he had the case dismissed my nummbers for my sales spiked. I guess I was nervous about goiing to jail, getting probation and having to pay big fines and or drug classes The one thing that stood out was that everytime I called the office he and his staff treated me like they were just talking to family. That made it easier. I would recommend Roger P. Foley to anyone with a drug case as he is very good at specifying the the problems in drug cases and fixing them.
★★★★★ Sam
We were a client of Mr. Foley. He did a wonderful job on the case. He is real, attentive, knowledgeable and courteous.
★★★★★ Marie
I recently had the pleasure of working with Roger Foley on an issue where my future looked grim. Although this ordeal took almost 18 months to work through, never once did Roger, or his team of professionals, ever loose track of, nor the enthusiasm and dedication to seeing this case through to a successful outcome. Up until the the very moment we presented our case to the judge, Roger was tenacious and would take nothing less than the absolute best for me, his client. I can gladly say that Roger achieved terrific results and I couldn't be happier. Without the help of Roger Foley my life would have changed and I would not be writing this review. I can, with complete confidence, recommend Roger and his entire team to assist you with your legal matters. Roger, my sincere thanks, gratitude and respect to you and your entire team.

L.A.P.P., Jr
★★★★★ lapp jr
Just wanted to write a review and say thanks again. You beat my kids case a year ago and I have seen and heard about your many victories around the courthouse but I almost would have bet my bank account that you would not win this case. Everyone said that it could not be beaten and I believed it. Making a right turn on red in Aventura with a camera recording it all. Yes its a traffic ticket but I dont have the money to pay it and Im sick of the government taking every dime I have. You said it would be tough but you would brain storm about it and figure out a way so i trusted you. Besides if I am going to spend a $150 i would rather it give it to you than the government. Everyone told me I was crazy that I could not win. I was sooooo happy to hear from you Friday that you filed your crazy motions and won. Mr. Foley I will never doubt you again. You really think out of the box and take your time to figure things out.
★★★★★ john
I was charged with carrying a knhife at school which is a felony which means up to 5 years florida prison.I was referred by the bailbondsman. I was very stressed out and my family was stressed as well. I was worried about having a permenant record. I had never been in this situation before then through our prayers i found Roger P Foley. I did not at first think i would win the case but then after working with the law office i realized how motivated he was for real justice. I had issues in school with gangs and bad influences. My parents and I went to the school and spoke to the people oin charge and nobody wanted to help me and then this situation occurred. Luckily I met Mr. Foley and guided me thru this case. He guided my parents and I through it and was very black and white about the process of what it was going to take to get a positive outcome. After the depositions Mr. Foley proved that there was no evidence. He then shared with the prosecutor and the prosecutor would not give in or drop charges until we announced ready for trial. The state made me a stupid offer but i rejected it knowing that i had confidence in my Lawyer. Finally, today at the last moment when we were going to trial the state finally dismissed the charges- they finally say the light and the truth. I can now go on with my life w/o a criminal record.
★★★★★ Danny
Because of Mr Foley Caring about my case and helping me,Thank The Lord,I have another chance at life. He really helped me and i recommend him to any body in trouble! every day Thank the Lord Attorney Foley.When I look at my daughter,I think of Mr Foley. I be with her everyday and hold her. Thank you,Attorney Foley!
★★★★★ Dantorious
In March 2010, I violated probation from a positive urinalysis. Prior to my violation, I had not taken my situation seriously, a naive young-minded position I truly regret. In either case, the lawyer I had at the time, charged me a bunch more money to deal with the violation. I tried calling him to prepare for the court date, but he was extremely unresponsive and just told me he would talk to me at the courthouse. On the court date, he told me I could walk out of the court the same day and everything would be over, I simply had to adjudicate to my original charge of felony possession of 1 gram of cocaine. I asked him about other options and he said that he could present a case to the judge, but it was up in the air and most likely I would end up in jail for 5 years. I didn't know what to do, and while I was still contemplating, he went ahead with the deal to adjudicate me. He presented paperwork and at that point, I was so confused, I just signed it, believing that my lawyer was making the best decision for me.

A few days later, I tried to call my lawyer because I found out my license would be suspended, that I would lose many civil rights, and have consequences that would follow me the rest of my life. When I spoke to the lawyer he told me that there was nothing I could do and hung up on me.

I searched around and found Roger P. Foley as well as several other lawyers. Out of 5 lawyers I called, only 2 called me back. The first wanted to charge me a fortune to even meet with me. Roger, called me back after hours the same day I called his office. He was polite, empathetic, and wanted me to come to his office to meet the next day. When I met with him and told him everything that happened, he told me specifically what he could do and was confident he could help. He said that it was imperative we acted fast, as we only had 10 days to file a motion to vacate the order. If I had listened to my previous lawyer, I would have been stuck with a felony on my record for life.

Between that time and the court date, Roger was very responsive and spoke to me many times on the phone. On the court date, Roger talked to the State Attorney, pointing out several flaws in the order as well as making a case as to why adjudicating me was an extreme response to a first violation of probation. When the case was called in front of the judge, he asked to go sidebar with the judge (a tactic the Judge thanked him for later). He spoke to the judge and the state attorney together for a while and when he walked away, he gave me a thumbs up. It was at that point, I knew everything would be okay. In the end, my probation was reinstated, my adjudication remained withheld, and my life was back on track. I am truly grateful to have met Roger and recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer who actually cares!
★★★★★ Aaron
My husband and I met Mr. Roger P. Foley after my daughter, who was 15 yrs old at the time was arrested for aggravated battery which a felony. During our initial meeting, Mr. Foley made us feel very welcomed and eased some of the pain we were feeling. This was really a terribly situation for my family as well as my daughter. The prosecutors were extremely horrible. They dismissed the charges against my daughter because their witnesses were not available on one of the many court dates, and then refiled the charges against my daughter. After 9 long months of several court dates, and a few offerings of lesser charges, the case finally went to trial. With my daughter's determination of not being found guilty of a crime she did not commit, and the advise of Mr. Foley, we declined all of the deals the prosecutors offered. Mr. Foley's expertise and knowledge of the law caused my daughter's case/charges to be dismissed. Roger Foley is truly a dedicated and hardworking attorney who cares about his clients. A big THANK YOU to him for all his patience and understanding during the many court days and listening to my aunt's conversations about all of her lifelong experiences with the law as the director of "The Alternative Program" (TAP).
★★★★★ Anonymous
In meeting Mr Foley,I have learned first hand that He truly cares about people! his Clients have Peace of mind because of His Devotion to their case. I recommend Attorney Foley to anyone who needs a Good Lawyer,who will have your Back. He has a wonderful Staff that are waiting to answer your call. I have used his services three or more times for family members,and he has Always been there for me. God Bless him! You can trust him to Fight for you! he don't judge you,he defend you!
★★★★★ Dorothy J. Brown
Prior to talking to Mr. Foley we spoke ro several lawyers. Mr. Foley mentioned a strategy that the other attorneys did not mention and a few attorney that we met with after did not believe the starategy would work and they were not confident in my case. Foley felt very confident that he could win using this strategy . Mr. Foley had an energy that was very positive and I felt reassured. I was charged with Grand Theft 3rd degree and was facing 5 years. I was arrested on Christmas eve and released and then rearrested 7 months later for the same crime. There were several strategies on table and the first one that was used actually worked and the case was dismissed. I am a free man. If you find yourself in any trouble be sure to call him because he can make the difference in your freedom for the better.
★★★★★ Michael
This was my first charge ever. I was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and was facing 15 years. I was referred to Foley's office by David Stern Bail Bonds. After meeting with Roger I felt better about the situation, Six months later I am a free man as all the charges have been dismissed and I could not be happier. IF you need a lawyer Rp is the guy.
★★★★★ Alan G.
Roger was able to guide me through the court process. He was extremely thorough and as a result my family was kept safe. After I hired Roger the detectives left me alone and I was able to sleep soundly at night.
★★★★★ malyjay
I havea 4th dui arrest which is a felony and a refusal for second time. The video tape did not look too good and after a year of the process i have the best result possible. The charge was changed to a misdemanor and i had the best deal made for me. All my phone calls were returned. Secretary always answered the call and he got back to me. Like i say the best service money can buy!

Pros: very satisfied with his service

Cons: best service money can buy
★★★★★ Omararnejo
Roger's name was recommended to me by (John). I got the call from my daughter she was in jail, dui. I didn't know what to do, I was going to the court house. I saw John outside his office the bails bond. He told me what to do and told me he would recommended a great lawyer, so I took his name and number. My daughter and I went to see Roger, we both knew as soon as we met him, he was the lawyer for us. My daughter's case was going to be a hard case to win, but Roger worked a miracle. I then get another phone call from my daugther, so we are back with Roger(I hate to say). He is our best chance. If you need a lawyer, believe me Roger is your man. Thank you Roger.
★★★★★ Jean
Roger P. Foley really worked magic for me. I was charged with three felonies at three different times and to make things worse all three arrest happen within a 4 week period. 1st charge was a Strong arm robbery which resulted in a "NO INFO" within 3 weeks. 2nd charge was a Grand theft and the 3rd charge was a Grand theft as well. Roger ran both of those cases concurrent and I recieved 18 months probation.......ADJUDICATION WITHHELD ON BOTH!!!! I also had a co-defendant on one of my Grand theft and he was sentenced to 24 months probation, ADJUDICATED CONVICTED FELON. You do the math.........If you check the sentencing guidlines for my charges you will see how lucky I was to have Attorney Foley on my cases. Simply put, I got what I paid for. Words I can use to describe Roger P. Foley include- Realistic, Ambitious, Honest and most importantly trustworthy. Enough said.......Thanx for everything Roger!!
★★★★★ Derrick
We needed to find an attorney in Miami to deal with an old criminal charge from years ago that had surfaced involving our son. We were out of state and had to depend on Google, and a short phone conversation with Mr. Foley. We were impressed with his professionalism, he understood our dilemma, worked on the case quickly and was able to get the charge dismissed. We were also very impressed with his personal assistant, as she carefully kept us informed on the case, emailed us court papers and was very helpful. We would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Foley.
★★★★★ Tom and Nancy
I am commenting on a job well done by my attorney Mr. Rodger Foley, a simple thank you cant express how much i appreciate your professionalism, hardwork and continued dedication while working on my case, now i can say that i am glad that i have chosen you. I was facing charges of petti theif and not knowing where to turn while searching the internet i came accross your website, after reading it got my attention, I immeadiatly made that call to you, you was responsive and professional and you immeadiatly laid out an active strategy for my case and you succeeded, you have not only gotton my charges droped but also expunged, I was pleased and couldnt ask for a better outcome of my case. I thank God for drawing me close to a professional yet caring attorney like you. You have provided me with exceptional services and outstanding representation. you was aggressive and you got the job done, you are experienced and you experties are TOP NOTCH. What you have done for me maybe a great victory for you, but was a life-changing event for me, thanks to you Mr. Forley, you have earn nothing but my highest professional recommendation and i could not of have been blessed with a better attorney.

I can truly say when ever in need of a good attorney ""try Foley"", when ever in need of good advice ""try Foley"", he is familiar with the law, the local courts and the local society, thanks to you once again
★★★★★ Bahama Mama
We retained Mr. Foley earlier this year to deal with a criminal charge against our son that had cropped up from years ago. He knew exactly how to deal with it, did so in a timely and professional manner, and the case was soon dismissed. We were also impressed with the performance of his personal assistant who kept us informed, emailed us court papers, etc. We literally picked Mr. Foley from Google, and feel we really lucked out.
★★★★★ Tom and Nancy
We cannot speak highly enough of Roger Foley. Our daughter has spent years battling addiction with numerous times in rehab and on the street. After she was arrested and jailed for possession we hired Roger by finding him on line. It has turned out to be one of the luckiest events we have had on this terrible journey. After she spent six weeks in jail, he was able to keep her in diversion and got her released to a recovery center. Unfortunately, she left and reoffended. At that point, she was facing multiple charges and it looked likely that she would eventually wind up in prison. Although her position seemed impossible to defend, Roger went to work and doggedly pursued every avenue, tracked down every detail and exerted influence everywhere he could. After she spent six months in jail, he was able to get her court ordered to a long term treatment program. He could have gotten her into a short term facility but he knew she needed more than that--he treated her like she was his own sister. Upon completion of her program she will not have a felony and he was even able to restore her much encumbered driving license. Every time when it looked like the worst was going to happen, he went back at it, changing strategy and redoubling his efforts. There are certainly varying opinions, and as parents of an adult child suffering from addiction we have asked ourselves if we have become the ultimate enablers, helping our daughter escape the legal system. Considering the possible outcomes (prison, the street, death), we are sure we made the right decision. Our daughter is motivated and in a good place and, because of Roger Foley, she has a chance to have a good life. It is hard to imagine a lawyer who cares more or works harder than Roger Foley.
★★★★★ paul
Ud es un abogado excellente. Muchas gracias por su ayuda. Soy Libre Soy Libre Soy Libre. Gracias a Ud.
★★★★★ Mariselah43
Everyone tole me to plea but this guy. He got me off with a fine. Good guy who stood by me.
★★★★★ Anonymous

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