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Roger P Foley is the best attorney you would want on your side when dealing with any type criminal matter. It is comforting to know you can put your trust in him as I did with the utmost confidence that he would do and did anything and everything possible to get the best results. I highly recommend that if you are in need of a criminal attorney, you consult with the law office of Roger P. Foley.
★★★★★ Anonymous
Attorney Foley was an impeccable professional who immediately resolved my issue in a matter of weeks. I will forever be grateful for what he did.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I was on probation and they tried to violate me for seeking treatment for addiction so I hired Mr. Foley to help me fight the charges. We met and he suggested that we fight to terminate the probation rather than change the probation. I did not know that was possible and he made it happen. He contacted the the prosecutor, Judge and probation and made it all go away. He is awesome and am grateful,
★★★★★ Anonymous
Recommended to Mr. Foley by a friend of mine. When he gave me your information I recognized my name and contacted Mr. Foley. His office was located next door to the court house and was easy to find and I read about him online. I had gone to court by myself and the judge told me I was facing time and should get a lawyer so I hired Mr. Foley. Mr. Foley continued the case once but the process was quick and painless and today it is over. I would recommend this office to others who have been arrested. His price was reasonable and I am happy with result.
★★★★★ mailman2015
I think your firm did a great job on 3 cases that were 28 years old. The results are bester than expected. I truly appreciate the hard work that you and your firm put forth in obtaining the results that we did on this case.
★★★★★ Jim
Roger represented me 6 months ago on a possession charge and the result was better than expected. He always was there for advice and counsel even on weekends . I called him today five o'clock on Saturday for advice on a probation violation and he talked to me about my options . He even offered to represent me if needed with no money up front if I was financially struggling. And we could come up with payment options later. Basically what I'm saying is that foley is down to earth and straight up. He honestly listens and cares about his work. I'm the type of person that wouldn't take the time to write a review if I wasn't truly impressed with someone or something. Thanks Roger for everything!!!!
★★★★★ Ronald
I had a DUI that I handled on my own and was given probation and community service. As the last day was approaching on my sentence, i had called the clerk of courts to find out what documentation was required, to find out that i had violated my probation a week prior to me checking in. in my state of panic my brother had helped me find a lawyer online and read the impeccable reviews of Mr. Roger P. Foley and immediately felt compelled to call him. I had hired Mr. Foley and in my wait for a court date I had gotten arrested and spent 20 days in jail. On the day of my hearing the state was asking for several more months in jail time for my first violation. Mr. Foley hadn't even been up on the podium for 2 min. and had talked them down to time served and the termination of my probation. Since then I have graduated with honors and have been greatly appreciating the simple freedoms in life. Because of his hard work and dedication to my case Mr. foley has given me my life back and now I look forward to moving forward and beginning a new.
★★★★★ nankurunaisa3023
The money was well spent. My wife was arrested for a vop 2 years after the fact. Looking at someone with the most reviews and found Mr. Foley. My wife was facing 5 years prison on attempted trafficking case by violating her probation. He called me back and was straight up with me and told me she was facing a lot of prison time. After going to the initial court date realized how much time the state was offering (4years) then we decided to hire Mr. Foley. Mr. Foley worked very hard and diligent and was able to reinstate her and she still has her job and family. Nothing short of miracle because I scored 4 years minimimum. I would recommend highly.
★★★★★ jdeitriech
I all i can say is this man is my hero i was involed in a fist fight quite some time ago and the person i fought with made untrue statements about what happened i had a public defender that told me he could get me 80 years they said i beat up the cops robbed an apt broke some windows and attacked someone with a weapon my mother was so upset i could barley speak to her on the phone with out crying my roomate said he would look for a good attorney and man did he find my hero i am a good person and try to stay out of trouble but roger saw that i was a good kind person and did whatever it took to help me in my time of need there really are no words for me to express what roger did me for me i know that if it was not for him i would not be where i am today living and working in society being productive roger went out on his own and checked to see if the apt was broken into he spoke with the landlord there and found nothing had been damaged he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the other party involved made untrue statements about really happened roger came seen me in jail kept me posted as to what was going on i was not allowed out jail because of the charges i had no bond it took roger no time at all to get a bond hearing they set bond and they got me out the next day it felt so amazing it was worth every penny to have roger by my side in court he is a great man and has a great heart and he went the distance like he does every-time for every case thank so much for what you did for me you are truly are my number one hero thank you for your time.
★★★★★ Anthony C.
Driving home from a shopping center a mile from home at 11:15pm and out of the blue someone appeared on my hood. I hit the breaks, screamed and stopped my car. I got out and i saw the man slide off my hood and then run away across the street. I stayed for a few minutes and then left and went home. I did not have phone with me. When I arrived home I called the police and reported it. As I was talking to 911, I saw two police cars arrive so I said, " Oh good the police are here." I did not realize that they were going to put me in handcuffs and take me to jail. At the main jail I was placed in a small room with 12 other guys with tattoos. Some were eating food off the floor. Some screaming obscenities at lady at the desk. Next day they let me make a call to bond out. A Very kind Bondsman helped me. I was recommended to Mr. Foley and with some time he was able to have the case dismissed. Now I can go out and do it again. Kidding. And the bodies they find in my attic I have nothing do do with. Kidding. Really, I am very happy to have it all over with. I never thought I would need a defense lawyer after 40 years of driving. I would recommend Mr. Foley to anyone needing a defense lawyer and he is a good audience for my bad jokes.
★★★★★ josephg1941
What can I say! Mr. Foley has saved my husband's life! A warrant for a VOP with a charge of a possible minimum of 4 years prison sentence was overturned to 12 months probation, all previous stipulations dismissed. Within two hours of getting out of court, we received a call from the PO that she would be violating him because of a new warrant in another county which we knew nothing about. Mr. Foley in turn had a new court date set within 14 days (unheard of). The violation was dismissed with no new stipulations added. God Bless Mr. Foley and his staff, Rosa, for all their hard work, caring attitude and dedication. We would highly recommend "this top of the line" attorney for any of your criminal legal issues!
★★★★★ msnow1960
On vacation in Florida and was arrested for alleging possessing cocaine. A bail bondsman gave me some attorney names and I called RP Foley. I was also on probation in another state and was facing 1 year in prison. I hired Mr. Foley to get me the least amount of probation and he was able to get 1 year of probation which was less than I expected. I would recommend to anybody needing a criminal lawyer.
★★★★★ rmatt1515
I was arrested for battery. My son referred me to Mr. Foley because he had represented my son and Mr. Foley had his case dismissed. I met with Mr. Foley and felt very comfortable. I hired Mr. Foley because I was facing charges and thought it should never had gotten to an arrest because it was a man to man altercation. He turned into a cat and called the police. Anyway, I hired on the case. I took a 4 hour anger management class and I never even went to court and it was over with. I would recommend Mr. Foley in a heartbeat.
★★★★★ lrios
I was on probation for trafficking in WPB and hired Mr. Foley after using another attorney. The attorney I used previously thought that he could just charm the female prosecutor but that did not work when it turned out she was married. We went to court twice first time the other lawyer did not show and the second time his looks did not work and the motion for termination was denied. Then I hired Mr. Foley and he prepared everything and I did not have to go to court and today he presented me with the original copies of his motiona and Order granting my termination of probation. There is a big difference in lawyers in this world and never go by just a friend word of mouth. I would recommend RP Foley to any one wanting a REAL LAWYER!
★★★★★ Stacy
I was pulled over for speeding and then the cop added a DUI charge because he was not so nice. Therefore I needed an attorney. My mother received word from the bail bondsman that you were a respectful attorney. After meeting with Mr. Foley I felt like he was highly competent so I hired him. I was very pleased with how Mr. Foley handled the state attorney and judge. Ultimately the DUI was dismissed and plea of w/h adjudication and court costs on a reckless driving charge was entered. No probation, no community service, and no suspension of my DL. I am pleased with the results. It was my choice not to gamble with trial. I would highly recommend Mr. Foley to others facing criminal charges.
★★★★★ alx1128
I got myself into some trouble recently with Marijuana charge. A friend of mine referred me to Roger P. Foley and told me that he was an excellent attorney and used him for a Marijuana trafficking case. I called Mr. Foley and explained my problem. He gave me an appointment right away. He spent time with me and explained the law and I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. After only two months, Mr. Foley was successful in having the charges against me dismissed and I did not even have to go to court. I would highly recommend Mr. Foley to anyone who has the need for an attorney.
★★★★★ Larry
At first I thought Mr. Foley was probably just the average attorney but now after getting my case dismissed I would recommend him to everybody. I had a huge case sitting over my head and I was facing a 15 years sentence with a minimum of 2 years in a florida state prison. Mr. Foley really helped me out and it was like miracle. Thank you Jesus. :) Burglary Dwelling Occupied was the charge.
★★★★★ mohamedburg
I was arrested for DUI and the bail bondsman recommended Mr. Foley and other attorney. I was scared and worried about what would happen. I am a good girl and never been through anything like this before. I met Mr. Foley and felt very comfortable and believed he would do the best job for me. Mr. Foley kept me updated on my case. I felt relieved today because I thought it would be longer, however I have only 6 months of probation and I can travel freely. Huge relief. Mr. Foley said it was not a win but thats a matter of opinion and in my opinion it was a win.
★★★★★ nancisch1971
Mr. Foley treated me like family. He went above and beyond. Mr. Foley worked with me on the price and with my restricted time schedule and made the best out of the worst situation. I would recommend him to my own family. He knew what to say to the judge to get it done! Thanks,
★★★★★ omarj409
I was upset with My daughter and had a drink and was coming home in the rain and hit a police car. Thought life was over arrested when I was arrested for DUI. I was referred to Mr. Foley who made me comfortable at the first meeting. The thing that made me feel the most comfortable was that when I hired Mr. Foley he told me that if I was his sister he would handle things the same way and I believed him. He was always helpful and returned calls. I thought I had no chance against the 10 police officers listed against me. He prepared for trial 4x and the state finally reduced the charges to a reckless with no reporting probation, a W/H of adjudication and no other conditions. All that accomplished even though according to the state I had 1.60 and 1.62 breath level. I never thought I had a chance but Mr. Foley has no fear and had my back 100%. I would refer anyone to him who is in a bad situation because he takes the time to get to know you and to give you his best. Thank you and hopefully I will not need your services again.
★★★★★ rossco54321
Never to old to learn a lesson. Mr. Foley got me out of it and I'm very satisfied. I would highly recommend Mr. Foley to anyone in legal trouble. I found him in a Christian magazine and went to see him. I liked his personality and the way he conducted himself so I hired him. I think he did a great job.
★★★★★ jyoc1948
I got caught with 2 xanax, 2 joints, Oxycodone, Narco, soma, and furacet and they arrested me for drug trafficking. They hit me with everything they could and added a few traffic tickets too. I ended up coming to foley because of the bailbondsman. Mr. Foley and I clicked right away. We are both movie buffs. The State dropped the oxycodone trafficking case after Foley explained and showed proof that it was my medication. However, the weed and the Xanax stuck. Foley entered me into drug court and they did not want to allow me to enter because of my individual situation. I had to see their doctor and he agreed that i needed the medicine but the state and the manager kept objecting. It wa a mission but Foley convinced the state and the judge and I was able to get the case dismissed by going to drug court. I had to go through a back way( outside program) to get it done but it worked. I am happy to get it all over with and now I can travel again. I would recommend Atty Foley to anyone and I actuall keep his card in my wallet just in case.
★★★★★ braddoo28
I had two cases for shoplifting and was referred to Mr. Foley. After meeting with Mr. Foley I decided to hire him because he was very nice, knowledgeable and a Christian. The felony charge was completely taken care of by Mr. Foley in eight months. I felt very comfortable with the resolution. The misdemeanor occurred just before the first case ended and Mr. Foley was able to keep me out of jail when they wanted to revoke my bond. He kept me out of jail on both cases. He communicated with me regularly. My questions were answered and he always called me back so I always knew what was going on and did not need to worry.
★★★★★ MLK
Pulled over by police and they asked me for my dl. I had my firearm with me and they took me out the car and sat me down. THey claimed to smell some weed. Then they searched and found the weed and the gun and they confiscated everything and charged me with a second degree felony for transporting drugs and using a firearm. Referred by a friend who said that Foley was the "best in the business". Foley called me and told me that he had the felony dismissed on a technicality. Today I went to court and my only charge was a traffic ticket. I have to pay $105. I consider it a blessing from God that the charges were dropped and no more weed for me or anything to do with that type of stuff. I will continue to refer Mr. Foley criminal cases as long I live in South Florida.
★★★★★ skillz1416
Thank you does not begin to express our gratitude towards Roger P. Foley! My family would not have my father if we had chosen any other attorney. My father was arrested for Marijuana Drug Trafficking and cultivation charges in Palm Beach County.. He was facing a minimum mandatory prison sentence of three years and up to 30 years in prison. My parents hired a friend of a friend to represent him. That attorney told him his dream outcome was to get my dad one year in prison or jail in his best-case scenario. I met with that attorney and knew we needed to find better representation. We began to search for someone with more experience and a good reputation. We met with Roger P. Foley and my first impression was that he was too cocky and full of himself. However in that conversation I realized he knew the ins and outs of the law for my father’s charges. I also realized he wasn't cocky just very confident. My parents were in a financial dilemma, they had spent thousands of dollars on that friend/attorney who was hoping for jail time so I needed convince them that Roger would give my dad the best outcome. I was confident Roger knew the law well enough to find a loophole and prayed we made a good decision. Typically these cases are not resolved for 6 months to a year. After 4 months we got the best call ever, it was Roger, he had the case resolved and my dad did not get one day in prison. Roger found problems with how the police obtained the search warrant and had the charges dropped to a misdemeanor and my dad only received probation. I am certain if we went with our original representation or one of the other attorneys we interviewed my father would be in prison. Our family will be forever indebted to Roger. If you are thinking about which attorney to go with I could not recommend anyone more highly then Roger P. Foley.
★★★★★ hev
The cops knocked on the door. My stupid x-bf let them in and they found his weed and arrested both of us for possession. We came to meet Attorney Roger P Foley after googling him on internet and Broward clerk of Court to see how many cases he got dismissed. He was very easy going and easy to talk to and requiered very little effort on my behalf. We hired him for both cases and 7 months later both cases were dismissed. We are happy and highly recommend Mr. Foley if you need a criminal lawyer in South Florida.
★★★★★ che19988
What happened is I was charged with Drug Trafficking and was facing 30 years prison with a minimum sentence of 15 years. I liked the way my Lawyer Roger P. Foley represented me. The best from 15 years prison he got me 6 months misdemeanor probation. All these problems happened 2 years ago so I have had to take medication to sleep. Finally today, this is best day of my life- He is doing an excellent job for me and my family so I appreciate everything he do for me. Thank You God that I got him as my attorney. I would recommend to anybody who gets in trouble.
★★★★★ moreno3124
My parents found Mr. Foley. From the get go he knew what he was doing. Had a real desire to win. The whole process is nerve racking. Mr. Foley tried to keep me calm. He explained everything in detail and put it all on the table. I did not win my case but it had to do with other charges that I incurred while out on bond for DUI. I take accountability for that. The charges could have been more severe than I received. Mr. Foley kept me out of jail.
★★★★★ Keith
Three years ago, it was the worst day of my life when i received a call aging that my father was accused of sex crime. Never having to deal with the criminal justice system we did not know who to talk to and we found a bail bondsman in the yellow pages. He gave a couple of cards. I researched everyone online and just liked everything I read about you online so I came and met with you. At the first meeting I felt comfortable and confident that you were not Bullsh$#ing me. After that we hired you. In the three years I have not regretted that decision. My father was always nervous but every time I contacted you, you went into detail with me so I knew I did not need to worry and assured my parents it would be ok. When I was in your office I read the sign that you had posted, " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and that sought of made me feel not only did we have you but the Lord was with us too. I don't know if we would have received the same result if we had gone with another attorney. I trusted everything you said. It really meant a lot when you said that you felt bad but you could not get him off. I think that you did the best job possible and we can't ask for more then that. My parents are both really satisfied with the result and ready to move on with their life. Although we did not get an out right win, the reduced non-sex charge and probation is something we can live with. We would recommend to others.
★★★★★ nancy.glenn
After receiving a third DUI, I asked several people in town who was a good DUI lawyer and Mr. Foley's name came up in every conversation. I did my research online and I was impressed about what others had to say about you online and on your site. So I decided to come and meet with you. I felt comfortable and believed I made the right choice. It was a very scary time for me. I was nervous and scared. You and your co-worker Casey made me feel very comfortable. I felt like you guys were very up front about the best and worst case scenarios. You kept me updated. If I did get nervous and i called and you answered all my questions. You saved me from losing my job and my career. I would recommend you to others. I want to thank you for coming up with a solution that helps me and works for me. I just want to go forward. Thank you,
★★★★★ jmichael
The worst night of my life. I found myself facing 4 felony charges and a few misdemeanors. I was referred to Roger P Foley by a friend who expressed that he would likely give me the best representation possible. Mr. Foley met with me initially and was very professional and reviewed the facts at hand. I was facing up to 22 years in prison but Mr. Foley managed two of the felonies reduced and we went forward with a plea agreement for the remaining charges. The outcome of my case was better than I could have expected and allowed me to accept a plea agreement that consisted of no jail time. One of the charges was a 3rd DUI and that typically has a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days. Overall, I would highly recommend RP Foley to anyone who finds themselves in need of criminal defense attorney as it is my opinion that he will fight harder for you than other attorneys in South Florida.
★★★★★ jmliukko
I violated probation by cathching a new charge for Burglary. I did not find Foley but my bf did. When I was arrested and sitting in jail he was looking for a good lawyer and a good lawyer fast. I asked him how his previous cases went, how many cases he had, and what school he went to because I was in custody and needed to get out fast. I was facing 20 years plus the new charges. I needed someone to understand my previous charge with the new charge and be able to represent me properly. I did not want someone to just plea bargain me. Foley filed a motion to set bond on my vop. The morning of the hearing Mr. Foley had a medical issue but still showed up - a lot of attorneys will send one of their friends who is not that qualified to represent you for that time being but he did not do that. The judge wanted to extend/ postpone hearing for another week and Mr. Foley convinced her to do it in two days. When we went to court he got me the bond on VOP which is very rare- even the judge said it. From there I was always in constant contact with him. He never gave me any excuses or any runaround like other attorneys. I hired him on both cases. He worked with me on the costs of both cases. Foley immediately filed a motion to suppress and went to court. We worked out a deal with the state where the burglary was changed to a tresspass and no probation and reinstated me on adminstative probation for my previous felony case. My case was resolved that day without any prolonging of the case. Honestly, I would highl;y recommend this guy. He is very confident in the law- he knows the law.. He never let me feel like I was in the dark. He explained every new detail in the case and kept me updated. Money well spent.
★★★★★ samantha
I got stopped by police while friend was visiting town for illegal tint. Two Police officers stopped me for really no reason. They were fully intent in searching my vehicle which i declined their request. However, they ended up fabricating a police report impounding my vehicle knowing that an inventory search would be considered illegal. They found some illegal narcotics and arrested me. Got a recommendation from the Aaabott bonds that Foley was good lawyer and loved to fight for peoples rights. I thought i would just plead the case out but Mr. Foleysaid he could fight it. I did not believe him because I figured these things just dont get thrown out. He filed a Motion two suppress and we went to court and he exposed all the lies and false allegations that were made against me by the two police officers. We Won. The rest of my life would have been messed up and pretty much I am overjoyed about the results. If you need a badA$$ lawyer I would recommend Mr. Foley as he truly is.
★★★★★ Ronald
I was arrested on a dui charge, multiple actually, and I was recommended by a bailbondsman who had used Mr. Foley for his own family. I made an appointment and we and we were seen immediately. Staff was friendly and helpful. He inspired trust and confidence in his expertise. After further evaluation and recommendations by others it was an easy choice. It was ultimatey proven out by the results of my case. I was able to have 4 of the 6 charges dismissed and the DUI was changed to a reckless driving charge. The out come could not be better as I listened to other attorneys in the courtroom plead their cases and their clients received heavy sentences. I would highly recommend without second thought this attorney if you need one. If you need a criminal attorney- go see the best- Mr. Foley!
★★★★★ Terrence
I researched Mr. Roger P. Foley online. He has great customer service and I could not have found a better criminal lawyer. His staff was very friendly and easy to deal with. My case was dismissed. I was involved in airoport security case that was not easy to deal with and he got it dismissed. The money was really worth it and I could not be happier. 5 stars all the way and I highly recommend him to people needing a criminal trial lawyer in South Florida.
★★★★★ Harold
I was arrested for for battery on a police officer( a felony) and hired Mr. Foley. When I was initially arrested my brother did some investigation and found that hMr. Foley was was highly recommended so I went to see him. Mr. Foley filed a motion and the case was dropped down to a misdemeanor and no probation simply court costs. I am now able to return to work and I am very greatful. Im glad it is all over and I would highly recommend Mr. Foley to others.
★★★★★ Ann
Mr. Foley is the greatest. He kept me out of jail on my 4th DUI. He made me uderstand every step of the situiation. I was nervous with the judge but Mr. Foley was by my side and I felt comfortable. It was a great relief and I believe that Mr. Foley did his best and I feel very satisfied. I recommend him highly and if you get in trouble or have a criminal case I think you should call this guy. He will tell you how good or bad your case is. His Legal services are excellent.
★★★★★ Richard65
I was arrested for receiving money from prostitution, including a 2nd degree felony for a gun charge because my assets exceeded the government's limit I could not have a public defender. After reading multiple reviews for various lawyers in South FLorida I chose Roger P. Foley because is reviews were clearly from clients and not other lawyers. I saw reviews from other lawyers that had been written from other lawyers or sounded fake, Like prostitutes who write their own reviews on "the erotic review". Mr. Foley's reviews told me that my best opportunity to survive this nightmare was to go see him. The case has lasted 6 months but during that period Mr. Foley was able to get the weapons charged dismissed. Today we went before the judge regarding the the felony receiving money from prostitutes charge and Mr. Foley worked out a plea agreement where I received "adminstrative probation" for one year with no conviction. Thats a really great outcome because as llong as i do not get arrested I don't have anything special and don't have to go see a probatiion officer. I am free to travel wherever I want an thats important for my new job. Its not cheap but if your case is important to you then Roger Foley is the lawyer to see.
★★★★★ Walter
Cops came into my house after I said, "no" and found some stuff that should not be there. I was arrested for drugs and my gf found lawyer foley by looking at the reviews on the internet. The reviews are true, He was everything that we read about and more. Mr. Foley took care of everything and we went to court today. He caught the cop in mu;ltiple lies and used his history against him and ultimately won and got exactly what I wanted. Which was to suppress all the evidence- As a side note it was actually exciting to watch Criminianl Lawyer Foley fight for me. It was happy to see the officer hesitate when foley cross examined him. Mr. Foley also reasonable priced because my gf and I were both arrested so he gave us a discount. I keep his business cards in my hand at all times so you know I recommend him.
★★★★★ Anonymous
Roger P. Foley put time and effort into my DUI case and he found discrepancies of a corrupt police officer. The police officer that did not follow his own rules/laws that he was responsible to do. At this point the police offficer is being investigated at the state attorney's office. RP. Foley is directly responsible for that act. Criminal Lawyer Roger P. Foley had my case reduced down to reckless driving with no probation, interlock, or anything. As lawyers go you cant expect any better. I would recommend him highly.
★★★★★ Michael
I received a call from a bondsman saying my son was arrested for drug trafficking and I aqsked for a recommendation and he recommend that I call Roger P. Foley. My son arrested and was facing over 100 years of prison with 2counts of 25 year mandatory minimum sentences. I Met and hired Roger and realized that my son was in the best hands. I had complete confidence in Mr. Foley although it was difficult knowing that my son was facing so much time. Mr. Foley worked tirelessly and I could not ask more of a human being. Roger filed motions and faced the tuffest prosecutor in Broward County and we won with my son eventuallypleading to reduced charges and giving a no contest plea. He received 5 year's probation. As a parent I spent an hour praying in court that my son was going to make the right decision. We had a 75% chance that Foley was going to win but if Foley lost my son would do prison time. If Roger P . Foley was not the defense attorney and he did not file the motions to suppress the illegal activity of ppolice I do not think the state lawyer would have come down to probation. The original offer was 10years prison followed by probation and my son would have been a convicted felon and when released he would have lost his drivers license. The state lawyer dropped the drug trafficking charges. My son was so greatful for attorney Foley's effort and hardwork on the case so he could be a free man. We would recommend Mr. Foley highly to anyone seeking a criminal defense lawyer.
★★★★★ Michael Grove
When you find yourself going through a difficult situations you turn to people that you can count on and when I had an encounter with the lawin Jul 2010 and was arrested for Driving Under the Influence I knew exactly who to turn to and his name is Roger P. Foley. A friend of ours used Mr. Foley's firm previously for criminal matters and traffic tickets so that is how we knew him. After being arrested I had no idea what to do or what to expect which is why I was so greatful to have Mr. Foley as my lawyer. H really helped me understand the process and throughly explained the necessary steps and procedures we had to take. As a result of Foley working zealously on my case it was dismissed today, 2/15/2012. He said the whole time, "no news, good news" - so we waited for the result and we are happy. Thank you and we highly recommend.
★★★★★ Rafael

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