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Roger did a very good job representing my son in a DUI. He is tough and very knowledgeable. He achieved a very desirable result and stood by his representations. We definitely recommend him to others.
★★★★★ Anonymous
My husband and I hired an attorney in 2010 to help with a situation from 2002. After 7 years that Attorney had failed to do what he promised and with the help of the Florida Bar we were able to recover our money spent so that we could contact another lawyer. After a lot of research we contacted Mr Foley. From the moment we spoke to him we could tell he was invested in what happened with the case. He never promised the perfect outcome, said it was a long shot, but did everything he could to fight for us. He was available for every question and every concern we had. He kept us up to date on his conversations and what the next steps were. It was only because of the Grace of God and Roger's hard work that things worked out the way they did. We are forever grateful for someone that invested so much for our family without ever meeting us in person.
★★★★★ Anonymous
My case is very rare, or I would say unique. I had been a fugitive for over 25 years on a Florida drug case. Once the Feds handed me over to the state, they wanted a 30 year sentence. Mr. Foley was hired to handle a difficult case, where the state wanted no less. His skills are incredible ! I only served 10 months in the state of Florida. I have a book pending in which he will be a part of, I am a free man able to live my life again. I will always consider Mr. Foley not just an attorney, he was my champion, my friend. I am with my family forever.
★★★★★ Arcesio
I met with a few different lawyers and felt the most comfortable hiring Roger Foley for my case. He is professional, caring, knowledgeable and stands by his word. This was not an easy process to go through, but Roger was a pleasure to work through it with. He was easy to reach via phone/email and always got back in touch in a timely manner. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Roger handled the case very well and did a great job! Even after court, we remained in contact as I had a few more questions and he followed up and was able to provide further benefits to my case.

I can't thank him enough for his time and due diligence. If you need a skilled attorney, go with Roger Foley!
★★★★★ Anonymous
Mr. Foley was efficient with correspondence and realistic with possible outcomes. He spoke professionally, yet with relatability. His confidence was strong, but he did not sugarcoat. I hope my friend is able to have Mr. Foley represent him.
★★★★★ Anonymous
Great experience!! Helped me when I did not think it was possible. Everything went smooth! Would most definitely recommend Roger P Foley.
★★★★★ Rahkeim
Ran into some trouble, a dui. I got out of jail and did not know what to do so started researching online and asked around. I came across a lawyer review website kind of deal and looked at a few lawyers. Obviously looking for someone with the best reviews. I came across Roger P. Foley and most of them were positive. Called him. My first impression over the phone was he was a straight shooter. He did not sell try to sell me, just explained the process. He wanted my side of the story. I was honest with him. I got a good vibe and therefore was honest with him too. He asked me to email him my paperwork and shortly after we met at his office in WPB and he again straight forward. He showed me the good and told me the bad. I hired him. I came back a few months later saw the video and decided to fight the case. Just prior to trial the state added discovery and there was another officer added. Things looked bad. She had a lot to say. We kind of had to start over and re-think strategy. I had built up confidence with roger , he had assured me the whole way. It was a trust and I had confidence. I supplied Mr. Foley with a witness too. They took his deposition. We prepared for trial. Mr. Foley went to a supervisor and they basically ignored him for a few months until just before trial. Roger called me and said they offered him a reckless but the offer was not great. Mr. Foley basically said there offer was not helpful it was same as a dui and a guilty. He said it was my choice but did not recommend accepting it. Roger went back to the state atty with counter and they accepted and I received a reckless with withhold of adjudication, no fine, no dl suspension, community service 50hrs but I can buy out. I agreed to that because at trial it was not easy case. The consequences if I lost were not good. I was confident but there new witness was hurtful to my case. Trial was not worth risk and reckless was not as bad as a dui. We discussed jury and whether jury would believe me or the cops. It was a toss up. At the end of the day i was very happy with the end result and would recommend Roger Foley to anyone that needs a lawyer that will fight till the end.
★★★★★ Rafael Martinez
I received an unexpected letter stating that I was currently under investigation for fraud, and could be facing a serious felony charge. I felt as if a truck had hit me, literally. In my line of work I could not afford to have any type of arrests/criminal record no matter how big or small. Having never been in any type of trouble I did not know where to turn. I came across Mr. Foley and I am very blessed that I did! Upon meeting with him, I immediately felt a piece of mind. I felt that he would work in my best interest, and the level of communication was outstanding. Mr. Foley delivered!! I walked away from a serious situation without a record or an arrest, only restitution which is what I prayed for! If you are in a situation and you need someone to go to bat for you.. I highly recommend Mr. Foley and his team! Contact him now.. You will not regret it!
★★★★★ Latonya
I hired Mr. Foley for a family member who was incarcerated and Mr. Foley did an excellent job. I would recommend. Mr. Foley Genuinely cares and wants to do the best he can for you.
★★★★★ T.
My wife (Mother of Stepson) and I Hired Mr Foley to represent my stepson in a minor criminal case. We would highly recommend as it is obvious to us That Mr Foley Genuinely cares and wants to do the Best he can for you which he did for us. Also has a great repore with all parties in the courtroom.....
★★★★★ Steve
We had an unfortunate legal issue pop up. Did our research on the internet and Mr. Foley was the stand out attorney. The reviews were great . We were hopeful that Mr. Foley would take the case in another county as this was not his main practice area. In our initial appointment with Roger it was evident that this was the guy to hire. Roger was able to get the case dismissed. He knows the details to collect and what to provide prosecutors in an effort to get the case dismissed. He makes you feel comfortbale from the beginning and you somehow now your in good hands and you are less worried leaving the office then when you arrived. We will highly recommend Roger and his team.
★★★★★ Anonymous
Roger P. Foley is a wonderfully gifted lawyer: a combination of legal skills, assertiveness, professionalism and compassion. Roger had my back 100%. He did not treat me like just another client, or like a number/ a case file like many lawyers do. He was completely focused on my case. What I loved most about Roger was when I was becoming emotional and concentrating on the injustices of the situation, he kept me focused on the task at hand: staying out of prison and not damaging my professional pursuits. He could easily have steered me toward taking a diversion program. He generously took time to explain in depth the pros and cons of my case. He was ready and prepared to take the matter to trial. When you are charged with a crime, it can destroy your life even if you are innocent. I was so depressed. I couldn't tell anyone in my family. My family was already dealing with many things including a miscarriage and health issues. Everything was so overwhelming. I felt like I couldn't go on. I thought my professional life was over. The first time I met Roger for a consultation I so distressed I could barely keep it together. He was kind and immediately made me feel like I was in good hands. Roger gave me back my life, my livelihood, my dignity and my self-respect. Having Roger P. Foley as your lawyer is like having a superhero on your team. I highly recommend Roger. He did an awesome job. I couldn't be more pleased.
★★★★★ Seymour
My wife hired Mr. Foley to defend me. When I spoke to their office, responses to my questions were always answered. The defense successful and I highly recommend.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I was in jail talking to my gf in jail and she said, " I did some research and I found you a good lawyer, he's a little more expensive but I think he is going to be worth it." I replied ok just get me out of here. Roger got me released ROR ( no bond) and then soon after had my charges dismissed. I had all the communcation that I needed. I called had questions and he called me right back and answered them. I think I even spoke to him on Sunday. I never had any doubt that he was not in control and would not handle my case well. That it s good feeling. Thank you.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I found Mr. Foley looking up reviews on attorneys. I wanted to find someone in the area with a good reputation. It was great because his office is right near the court house. I am extremely satisfied with his services because my case was dismissed. I would highly recommend to others.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I got in a car with a friend of mine and we went to eat. Out of no where he was pulled over by police and they charged both of us but I was charged with drug trafficking armed and possession of firearm. I was really scared. I was innocent. I did not know there were drugs in the car. I had afirearm and permit for the weapon. I knew I needed the best attorney by my side. I went on google and searched for best attorneys in Palm Beach County. I read everything about him. After that I made appointment, we went over the charges and he was honest with me. He told me the good and the bad and made me comfortable. I knew I had the right guy to fight for me. I hired him. 7 months later he got all my charges dropped. I highly recommend Mr. Roger P. Foley for any criminal charges. He is the guy you want to hire to fight for your rights.
★★★★★ Walter
He's a good lawyer. Definitely pricey and a little arrogant but overall I'm happy. His cost was between $3-$4k for a first offender low level felony. He got me into a PTI first offender program which is like a watered down (still serious) probation the main difference with this program is after successful completion of the program the judge 'Disposes' the case

My only complaint is that when I go and write my last payment to him (in the courthouse) he whacks me in person for another $50-$75 for ""Daily Parking and Lunch"" lol what the heck is that. We agreed on $3500 and I get to pay for your parking for lunch at the last second. Other then being a little tardy due to Mr. Foley having other cases in the same courthouse on the same day and this little hiccup for his ""lunch money"" he got me a decent deal. In my situation I probably could have shopped around and found someone cheaper but I waited till the last second. Overall I'm happy.. If there was a way on AVVO to rate him somewhere in the middle of 4 and 5 stars that's what I'd give him. He's a one man army (no associates). This is nice because when you hire Foley you get Foley, not some junior lawyer. Next time we meet I'll make sure to bring him a brown bag lunch so I can avoid the $75 unauthorized charge.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I hired Mr. Foley because of his confidence that he displayed when talking about the case. Additionally, his assistant is very good. She always gets back to me quickly. The communication was really good. I was charged with 4 felonies and 3 misdemeanors. 2 charges Battery on an officer and threatening of an officer and other other charges like intoxication and trespassing. I had been drinking and was kicked out of the bar and I wanted to contact my friends inside and the bouncer shoved me and I hit my head on the concrete and was knocked out. I awoke up and an officer was on top of me and I was in pain. The officer arrested me and said I bit him and threatened to kill him. I hired Mr. Foley within a couple of days and ultimately the case was dismissed and my record is now expunged. I would recommend Mr. Foley to anyone charged with a crime.
★★★★★ Anonymous
Words can’t explain how incredible of an attorney Roger Foley is. If you drafted tomorrow and shipped off to war, Roger is the kind of guy you would want covering your back in battle. If you ended up captured as a prisoner, Roger is the guy you would hope they send to rescue you.

What makes Roger a brilliant attorney is not only his knowledge of the law, but his ability to articulate it in a way that makes sense. If you've ever seen the movie “Philadelphia,” Roger is Denzel Washington who plays Joe Miller—he knows the law and can “explain it to me like I'm a four-year-old.” In other words, if you were to combine that “one” friend who is “book smart,” with that “one” friend is “street smart,” you would get Roger Foley. Roger has that rare combination of “book smart” and “street smart,” that you need to be a successful attorney. Let’s face it, an attorney could give the absolute best legal argument there is, but if a jury doesn’t understand it, they won’t listen to it, and you’ll lose the case. If you think about it, jurors are just random people from your neighborhood who all have different jobs and life experiences. Some are only book smart, while others are only street smart, but almost all of them have at least some common sense. By being “book smart” and being able to “explain it to me like I'm a four-year-old,” Roger has the extraordinary ability to connect with a jury, and provide them with that common sense explanation they all want.

Roger doesn’t sugar coat things, and actually listens to everything you say. He is passionate about what he does, and will stand by your side when everyone else has abandoned ship. I know this because that's what he did for me. Roger reviewed hundreds if not thousands of documents and case law, and was able to get my case dismissed when no one thought it was possible. Call him yourself, and you’ll see exactly what I'm talking about.
★★★★★ Adam
I just read a report about Roger P Foley, labeled as a racist attorney and I differ! I am a black female who was charged with battery in a domestic violence incident with my step daughter who is a white female. Mr Foley was not shy to Point out to the jurors that the white officers who made the arrest only took statements from the allegedly victim and her witness who are both white. He pointed out that no statements were taken from me or the other individuals who lived at the home simply because they were black and called the behavior of the police officers, an act of Racism! It is my true testimony that Roger P Foley is by all means an excellent attorney , who will defend your rights, regardless of race, religion believes, or sexual orientation . He will work tirelessly , to get you the best results. He worked night and days and even Sunday's on my case. He was there right beside me through the entire ordeal. His staff is efficient and Friendly. His secretary was even at my trial sitting right next to me, supporting me . I never felt like I was in it alone. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! If you want an attorney that has integrity and is passionate about his work, will go the extra mile for his clients, then Roger Foley is that guy. On August 13th, 2015, Mr Foley gave me back my life. I won the case! Not Guilty! I hear it over and over again in my head. We all had tears, it was an emotional day! Mr Foley is not for one type or one kind of people. He is for all the people and in God he trust!!! In Which I trust and Love too!
★★★★★ Sharon
I hired Roger for my criminal case. From our first consultation I new I was in the best hands possible. I have new ever met or heard anyone say that they had an attorney that really cared for their client until I met Roger. Roger is such a compassionate person, he truly loves what he does and it shows; he is there for his clients. He immediately started working on my case, he returned my phones calls and was always there when I needed him no matter day or time. Any stress I had he was there to talk me threw it, even if it was just reassurance that I needed. Roger's assistant Christina is as equally amazing she is always there to help or answer questions for anything you need. If you need an attorney Roger Foley is the best.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I hired Mr. Foley after I received a violation of probation while I was on a mail in probation and living in a different state. I called numerous attorneys but went with Mr. foley cause he was easy to talk to and was honest with me from the start. The outcome of my case ended up being better then I ever expected I didn't have to fly back to Florida for court which saved me a lot of time and money and the charges were dropped which also got me off of probation for good. Mr. Foley did a great job and I highly recommend him.
★★★★★ Jeffry
Roger P. Foley got me reinstated. Also he got my COS waived, an got me to still be terminated off of probation on my expected termination date. I feel very comfortable with the decision my lawyer made for me. Also i would refer him to anyone who has a criminal felony or misdemeanor case.
★★★★★ Jamar
I choose Mr. Foley because I knew the name and then I looked at google and that was awesome. Additionally, he was willing to work with us (my wife and I) at a difficult time in our life and the only person willing to help. I feel accomplished and motivated that Mr. Foley helped to get this done. Definitely made us feel like we were not out of options and that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Result was very satisfying and motivating so I can move on with my life. Thanks for hard work.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I was concerned about having a permanent injunction for stalking and was not guilty of anything so I needed a lawyer. After 3 months of having a friend stay with me they falsely accused me of prostitution and kidnapping. I read reviews about lawyers and found Mr. Foley. I felt pretty confident when meeting him about his experience and I felt protected. Mr. Foley did an excellent job defending me and putting the petitioner in a state where they could not make any more lies about me. The injunction was dismissed. The process with the staff was very smooth and I received a call back from Mr. Foley quickly. He was on time and very prepared to fight the case.
★★★★★ Anonymous
Mr. Foley is truly a man of his word and a person a great character, he exemplifies true professionalism, and it’s rare that you meet someone like that in a professional stand point. He never made any promises to me but I felt in a sense that he believed in me and in my case. He was always up front with me. I was facing about 4-5 years in PRISON for a heinous crime that I did not commit. This would've destroyed me, especially when I never had any problems with the law except for minor traffic infractions but I digress. I was falsely accused of grand theft in the third degree. After going through all the ridiculousness of this felony case and having Mr. Foley fight the false charges for me, my case was dismissed/dropped. He took his time to explain everything regarding my case and made every effort to keep me at ease. Since then I was blessed to get my college degree, get married and have a newer and richer perspective on life and people. Overall, I highly recommend Mr. Foley, so to whomever reading this please note that everyone’s case is different, but I had one of the best lawyers on my side, who will go to bat for you (Mr. Foley) and the best judge (My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ) who orchestrated this final verdict. Thank you Mr. Foley for taking my case and having all the felony charges dismissed.
★★★★★ Anonymous
My wife was attacked by two other females and I tried to protect her. I yelled at them to stop but when I tried to intervene it was not possible to stop them. My wife was pregnant at the time so I had fear that she and the baby were in danger. I wanted to protect my wife and unborn child and feared losing the baby. I knew I had a gun in the car and I grabbed the gun and fired two shots in the air to make them stop. They did. We then left and I called the police but when I got to my destination the police arrived two to three hours later and they arrested my wife and I. My wife's case was demised but I was charged with 10 20 life charge for aggravated assault with firearm and discharge of a firearm which is a mandatory 20 year sentence in the state of Florida. I hired Mr. Foley because I heard he was a good lawyer. It was a really hard case and we met 10-15 times to go through the process. At first they offered me 10 years in prison day for day, then they wanted 5 years probation and I did not accept. They then took back the offer so I was facing 20 mandatory years. Then he filed for a motion which took two days for him to argue. I was scared. There was 6-7 witnesses and the judge needed to make a decision. I knew the witnesses were lying but mr. Foley during cross examination he showed they were making up stories and stuff. After the motion we were going to come back again for the judge to decide but Mr. Foley was working really hard on the case and a few days prior to going to Court I received a call from Mr. Foley telling me that the state was going to reduce the charge from a 20 to life to Misdemeanor and I could go ahead and get my gun permit then I have to complete some classes and community service and then all the charges will be dismissed. I am very happy that Mr. Foley beat the case and I did not go to prison. My wife and I have just had another baby and I am so happy to have my family and not be in a prison. I feel like I hired the right lawyer. He is real good. During the whole process I had financial problems and he worked with me because he believed me and said he would help. He said he would do everything to beat the case and he did. I am proud of him and his firm.
★★★★★ fenjeffmoise26
I Violated probation In the 80s on an OUI conviction and also had a few outstanding traffic tickets. Then I left the state. I hired him to solve the VOP problem. He was the second lawyer I contacted. I had a fairly lengthy consultation with him by phone. I was impressed not only by his knowledge of the law and how he proposed to proceed if hired, but also his knowledge of that specific court and judge. (the Judge has a reputation of being tough) He negotiated an extremely favourable settlement with the State of Florida without the need for me to appear. The first lawyer I spoke with said that i would definitely need to appear. Mr Foley was pretty sure I would need to appear but said that he would try his best to waive appearance. There is a probation supervisor in that court system that is frankly amazed at the deal that Mr Foley was able to obtain.

One other thing that helped in my case was the fact that I had retained proof of OUI school that I completed in 1989. ALWAYS save your paperwork!
★★★★★ Dan
I hired Mr Foley to help expunge my juvenile record and he did an awesome job. From start to finish Mr Foley and his legal assistant Christina kept me informed as the process went along. Also, whenever I had any questions they were promptly answered and Mr Foley was straightforward with me no BS at all. Today me and Mr Foley were at my expungement hearing and of course I got the results I wanted EXPUNGEMENT ORDER GRANTED thanks to Mr Foley for his hard work, and Christina for her work behind the scenes. I HIGHLY recommend the Law Offices of Roger P Foley to anyone who has legal troubles and needs a lawyer. Finally, to Mr Foley and Christina I thank you for your dedication and commitment in handling my case it means a lot to me. I hope to never need your services again, but if I ever do you guys will be the first I call thanks.
★★★★★ garcia_alex22
I very rarely give a five star rating to anyone or any company because of how difficult it is to truly earn that classification. Simply put, Roger P. Foley is a five star attorney.

I was recently involved in an incident at a very prestigious hotel in West Palm Beach. My wife and I were finishing up a nice evening when I found myself in an altercation with another hotel patron and his friends which led to me physically defending myself and my wife. Although the police found the other individual to be the cause of the altercation, was I was still arrested for disorderly intoxication. I am active in my church, a father of five, and I work in an industry where a conviction would alter the lives of myself and my family. I needed the representation of an attorney who would handle my situation with a high level of professionalism and urgency.

Mr. Foley exceeded my expectations. His communication with me throughout the case was honest, direct, and to the point. His knowledge level of the law and the court system is excellent. He demonstrated diligence by calling the prosecuting attorney after hours to negotiate my case on more than one occasion. Lastly, his physical presence in the court room is commanding. Because of his height and size, Mr. Foley is an imposing figure and fills the courtroom with his presence and personality.

All in all, I find Mr. Foley’s integrity as an attorney to be outstanding and I recommend him very highly.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I made a major mistake 24 years ago that came back to bite me in the butt and Mr. Foley took my butt out of a sling. Recommend by the car salesman when I bought my car. I had just been in an accident and my Dad asked the salesman if by chance if he knew any lawyers and He made a photocopy of Mr. Foley's card. We met with him and made me feel comfortable. My dad was impressed with his knowledge of the case law. I decided to hire him and today and I am very satisfied with the results. I can breathe again.
★★★★★ mgordon10028
Attorney Foley said what he said he was going to do and I was not convicted. I was arrested for DUI and it was looking like a very difficult case and I did not want to go to trial. He was able to have the charge reduced to reckless driving by negotiating with the state and no conviction. I had a friend that he got off of a DUI and he recommended me and I would recommend him to a friend if they needed an attorney.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I was arrested for burglary and grand theft. it was my first arrest. Not knowing the legal process I had help from my parents to research attorneys and after that we found Mr. Foley who was very knowledgeable and new ways to explain the legal process to me. Although it took a long time, he was able to maintain a motion to suppress t get it dismissed. there were also recurring problems with the prosecutor but Mr. foley still knew how to handle the situation effectively and was able to get the results that I wanted. I am very happy about it. I could not ask for more from Mr. Foley and I am very thankful.
★★★★★ gbonair93
I got stopped by police and I did not know my license was suspended. They took me to jail but I called my lawyer, Roger P Foley, that I had met through my family member. My wife had said I should call Foley. Foley came in and gave me the best price. No other lawyer would have done. What he said he would do he went ahead and did. He handled my case and everything went smooth and had no more problems. The charges were habitual suspended license and Tampering with evidence. So I am telling everyone that if you need a Great lawyer call Foley. If you don't be believe me look him up because he is the best attorney I ever did have.
★★★★★ mixsonlawnlandscapingservice
I am very thankful for Roger P. Foley he handled my case with perfection and I would recommend him to others.
★★★★★ John
I recently hired Attorney Roger Foley to represent me in a high fine speeding ticket. He was very personable and knowledgeable in criminal traffic laws . Each question I had was responded to quickly and accurately and he spent time explaining everything to me. I was very pleased with the result of my case and very impressed with Roger's legal skills. I feel very fortunate to have found Roger to help me and I will be recommending him to all of my friends and associates who would be interested in a top-notch criminal defense attorney. Thanks Roger.
★★★★★ Denise
What a nice Gentleman! I had a question he took the time to answer my call and gave me some wonderful advice on a matter that many attorneys are unfamiliar with. If I had to hire someone for my situation I would have hired him. Thank you for your time and free advice!
★★★★★ Anonymous
I had an incident of shoplifting. I goggled lawyers and found Roger P. Foley. I communicated with his staff and they were easy to talk to and knowledgeable and the environment is friendly. The process was quick and easy. My original court date was changed to a more convenient date and everything went quick and easy and the case is being dismissed. I appreciate everything was done for me and I am very happy that I chose Mr. Foley.
★★★★★ Anonymous
I went out and had a couple of drinks with the girls for happy hour and then went to the car and fell asleep waiting for them and a cop came to my door and started testing me for a DUI. The cop called for backup and I got arrested. They charged with me with DUI even though I was not driving and I had two separate friends tell me that they had a good lawyer. It turns out it that they were both talking about the same lawyer, Roger P. Foley. I contacted him and retained him on my case. He seemed like a cool guy that was down to earth but also new his business. The case lasted over a year and 4 months. He argued a motion about the mistakes that cops made but the judge denied. Then we waited and set it for trial. The day before Roger called me and said they offered a better plea to a reckless driving charge with an adjudication and 6 months probation and 6 months dl suspension. Roger told me if I has was his sister that he would go to trial but that it was my decision. I said lets go to trial. Then he called me back and said they would withhold adjudication but he said the same and added that the only reason they are making offers is because they have problems with the case so I said ok lets go to trial. I did not sleep because I was worried. On the morning of trial the judge asked Roger if he was ready and he said yes but then the state said they were making an announcement and dismissing the charges. If it was not for Roger being so confident I may have taken the deal even though I was not guilty. Now I am free of everything and putting it all behind me. Thank you for proving my innocence. I would recommend to anyone that needs a criminal defense lawyer.
★★★★★ michellevelas4
I am very satisfied. Roger P Foley was extremely helpful and detailed. He kept me informed in every way I needed and also offered me great advice. I am really grateful for all his help. I needed a quick consult at 8 pm and he answered his cell phone and gave me 20 minutes of his personal time. I swear I could hear from the background noise that he had other things going on, however, he still helped me. I would absolutely recommend him. Roger p Foley, without a doubt one of the best lawyers I have ever had the pleasure to meet. His fee was fair, his attention to my case was beyond any expectation I could have had and I felt he worked harder for my case than any other lawyer would have. I feel that I have a friend as well as a lawyer on my side.
★★★★★ tee

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